The SpecialEST Of The Special!

Every day is special. Some days are more special than others indeed, but each day is a gift from God. He could choose not to wake us, but if you’re reading this, He obviously thought you were worth waking, and He has something great for you!

Every person, who’s living and breathing, is special. Certainly, there are those who are spectacular, and some who, according to worldly standards, are considered mediocre, and there are even those who are considered to be scum of the earth; nonetheless, they’re all special to our Father.

Fortunately, God’s allowed me to have many special people in my life. I feel I am blessed beyond belief! There is one person however, who is the SPECIALEST (yes, I’m fully aware that’s not a real word) of them all!

This person, second only to God, has forgiven me more than I deserve, they have loved me unconditionally, even when I’ve been difficult to love. This person has supported me spiritually, emotionally and financially. They have watched every play I’ve been in; I mean EVERY show! They listen to every song I sing. Sometimes, this person even listens to me talk about Days Of Our Lives. This person puts up with the mistakes I make at work, and sometimes even does it without hurting my feelings. I trust this person more than anyone, because this person has proven to be trustworthy. This person is a leader, and I choose to follow. This person is the funniest, hardest working, most dependable, most honest person I know.

The person I’m talking about isn’t perfect, I assure you, but he’s perfect for me! This person is my husband, Steven Lanier Hawkins. He’s been my rock. He’s been my lover and my best friend for the last ten of the twenty years we’ve been married! 🙂 we’ve endured much, and we’ve loved even more.

Today is one of those days that’s more special, because today is Steve’s birthday. On this day 43 years ago, someone great came into this world. Who knew how many lives he would influence?! He lives his life in such a manner that, just by being around him, people know he’s a Christian. He might not say much, but he doesn’t have to; his life speaks volumes!

I’m happy that God met us where we were, that we turned to Him, and He saved our marriage. My life wouldn’t be the same without him! Steve, I love you! Happy birthday!

Sometimes, when I think about us I laugh.
The silly things we do and say,
You have a way of making me smile.

Sometimes, when I think about us, I cry.
I think about where we’ve come from, and how I love you so much it hurts.
You have a way of touching my soul.

Sometimes, when I think about us, I smile.
The things you do, like praying for your family, or bringing home an unexpected gift.
You have a way of making my day.

Sometimes when I think about us, I am simply in awe.
Your smile, your kiss, your touch.
The way you tell me I’m pretty.
The way you love me inside and out.
You have a way of making me feel happy, beautiful, and special.
You have a way of making me feel loved.
Christa Hawkins copyright 2011

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