God’s Favorite Booger

I think my brain is overworked! We had trunk or treat at our church last night, and I’m afraid I might’ve drained myself of all creative juices working on our trunk and our costumes; because I sure am struggling to come up with anything good to say this morning.

For those of you not on my Facebook, my husband and I dressed like a booger and a Kleenex, and there was a nose on the back of our car.


I chose to be the booger, mainly because most boogers aren’t long. Most boogers are usually kinda small and lumpy. Plus I got to say “Pick me!” a lot! I figured Steve would make a great Kleenex because he’s always there to clean up my messes, figuratively speaking of course. He’s not much for literally cleaning. Plus he asked a thousand kids if they knew how to make a Kleenex dance. You put a little boogie in it…duh!

Pay close attention to the detail of the nose. If you’ll notice, it even has nose hair. I figured since God is a god of great detail, He’d want me to be detailed even in the silly stuff. We actually won a trophy for our trunk.

My best friend, Lajuana, who happened to do the mustache, eyebrows, glasses, and nostrils, thinks the contest must’ve been rigged; otherwise we’d won first place! Oh well. I’m sure God liked our trunk the best, and that’s all that matters! After all, we are His favorites!

The good news is, everyone is His favorite! He’s not like us, we’re limited in how many favorites we can have because our love isn’t infinite, but God’s is; and no matter what, He loves us all the same. Even those who’s trunks weren’t as good as ours!

Then Peter replied, “I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism. Acts 10:34

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