Shaking It To Beat The Band. Is That Normal?!

This weekend, one of my best friend’s daughters got married. It was bittersweet to see her making those vows before God, and friends and family. It was bitter because it made me feel so old. It was sweet because I’m so proud of the woman she’s become.

I knew that it would be emotional for me to be there, not just because weddings are sweet, but because our son Tucker grew up with a lot of those people. Sarah, the girl who got married, was his best friend growing up, and he missed her wedding.

Quite a few people asked about Tuck, and I was honest. I was able to avoid at least one of the questions, when one of the moms asked about him. For some reason, its easier to tell some people than others. Please don’t read this wrong. I’m not ashamed of our son, it’s just that, as a mother, I want to be celebrating those milestones with MY child. I know that one day we will, but it’s so easy for your mind to wander when you’re looking at all his peers, who, seemingly, have it all together, and are so….normal. You start to wonder, “Will things ever be ‘normal’ for our family?”.

As I stood there, on the brink of falling apart, God quietly reminded me that Tucker is being taught by Him, and great will be his peace *Isaiah 54:13.He gently reminded me of all the testimonies I had heard from people, who had been in Tuck’s shoes, and are now mighty men and women of God. He reminded me that He had started a good work in Tucker, and that He’d finish that good work *Philippians 1:6. I quietly thanked Him for being such a sweet, caring God and went right back to having fun, by ‘shaking it’ behind some oblivious young man in a suit.

Steve was embarrassed, but my sis and I were busting a gut! I wish y’all could’ve seen my face! I was acting like I was dancing with him, sticking out my lips, and shaking it to beat the band! When his friend turned around, almost catching me, I stopped. That is, until my sister got out her phone for a photo; then the dancing resumed, and so did the laughter!

I have to constantly remind myself that God doesn’t waste a thing, and that this isn’t the end; and laughing with my family is just a sweet reminder that, even in the midst of turmoil, life goes on. Im also reminded that, while others may think this is it for Tuck and give up on him, our God never will, and neither will we!

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