Little Church. Great Big God!

Y’all may get tired of reading about my Mexico trip before its over with, but my advice to you would be to keep reading! If you don’t, you’ll miss out on a blessing. That’s just my opinion, but it’s the right one! 🙂

Mega Misions has two main purposes. On one trip they build a church, and the other is a medical mission. The trip we went on was to build a church. Start to finish, I think they had the church finished in about twelve hours! That’s pretty amazing. I’ve never seen a church built that fast here.

That just tells you how hard our men, and a few women, worked. It was as if everyone was on crack! I said “as if they were on crack.” No one was actually on crack. Hammers and nails were flying! Saws were buzzing! Measurements were being yelled out (by way too many people)! I’d be sitting there talking (don’t judge), and the next thing you know, they’re yelling for us to help raise the wall! It was a sight for sore eyes to see a church fly up that fast. How, you may ask, does a church get built that fast? For one, I think we gringos can work faster on Mexican time. For another thing, our group was just that amazing! Not to mention, the churches in the villages aren’t like our churches.

Our churches have heating and air conditioning. Our churches have carpet and tile on the floors. Our churches have walls without cracks you can see through. Our churches have one bathroom for men, and one for women. We have nice cushy chairs to sit in, and big fancy stages. Each of which I am most grateful for, especially the carpet and tile! The churches in the villages are very modest establishments, to put it mildly; and you’d better potty before you get there, because there’s no potty at this church!


This was the foundation. No floor, just blocks around the perimeter.


Then there was a wall! You can see it if you can look past Jackson’s rear end. I know it’s difficult, but try and concentrate.


Then there was four! Not quite that quickly, but I’m trying to move this along. Then, the hard part…the roof! They let the Mexicans do that part. Because everyone knows you can’t scare a Mexican.


Even though it wasn’t like our churches, when it was finished it was probably one of the most beautiful sights I’d ever seen. Four walls built with love, and greatly appreciated by those who would attend.


When we dedicated the building, we couldn’t understand what the preacher was saying, but that didn’t matter. You could tell he was speaking with conviction and you could feel the Spirit.


Javier, is the man who lives, and runs The Casa. The Casa is the house where we stayed. Its owned by Mega Misions. When he got up to pray, and I couldn’t tell you what he said, but I can tell you that the Holy Spirit was so strong in that place , you didn’t have to know! It was a beautiful prayer.


At one point, in that little, meager church we were all singing How Great Thou Art. Spanish and English. One voice, one God. A God who knows no language barriers. A God who doesn’t require a big, fancy church to be worshiped. A God who’s love transcends any barrier our human minds can create. The one and only true and living God, Jesus Christ.

I’m so thankful that God allows us to be a small part of His great, big plan! I’m so thankful that His love is boundless and endless, and that He allowed me to be a part of a day I’ll never forget as long as I live. I’m now in love with Mexicans! Most of all though, I’m in love with our God who loves us all the same!

How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension! Psalm 147:5

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