You Say Your Life Is Perfect? Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Do you ever feel like you’re in a rut? Like you’re on a dead end street with nowhere else left to go? Do you ever feel that your life could, quite possibly, be the most boring life on the face of the earth?

The boring job, the most lame spouse on the planet, your plain ‘ol car, those messy, underachieving kids who eat you out of house and home, and dirty up more clothes than you ever thought possible, even the pets seem boring!

I mean, what’s up? Life wasn’t supposed to be like this! Life was supposed to be full of excitement! Where’s my sports car? Wasn’t marriage supposed to be more ‘fairy tale-ish’? Weren’t my kids supposed to achieve all the things I wanted to, but never did? What happened to the life I imagined when I was younger? Can things be any more mundane?!

If that’s how you feel about your life, then all I have to say is…welcome to the real world!! Life is hardly ever as you imagined as a child. And if you’re relying on your spouse and/or your children to make you happy? Bahahaha! That’s hilarious!! Give it up, because it ain’t happening! Oh sure, they’ll be good times; but more often than not; it’s the same ‘ol same ‘ol, and the truth of the matter is; if there was always excitement, we’d get tired of that too.

When we start to feel like everything in our life is crap, chances are, we have an ungrateful attitude, and we’re missing God in all this! A friend of mine, Mrs Nancy, said it best, ” Instead of complaining about having so much laundry to do, be thankful for the family who dirties them!” Instead of complaining that our husbands leave dirty clothes by the bed, or that your wife doesn’t clean enough, try being thankful that you have someone. Instead of complaining that our kids don’t live up to OUR standards, maybe we should first of all, be thankful that we have them, and second, maybe we should concentrate more on making sure they live up to God’s standards instead of the world’s.

Lots of times we go through life feeling as if it’s never enough, but the fact of the matter is, we don’t serve a mundane god! And if we’d just open the eyes of our hearts, we’d see the beauty, and importance of everyday life. If we’d listen, God is always wanting to communicate, He’s always everywhere, in everything we do! Let’s not look only for burning bushes, let’s see God in everything, because He’s there!

When we live our lives centered around Christ, life doesn’t seem, and isn’t, quite as boring. Abundant life is what God has for us. It may not be as we had envisioned as a child, but God’s definition of abundant doesn’t always match the world’s definition. Let’s be thankful for what we have, and be expectant of things to come! Don’t miss God in your life! He’s there! Let’s live on His terms!

John 8:23-24 Jesus said, “You’re tied down to the mundane; I’m in touch with what is beyond your horizons. You live in terms of what you see and touch. I’m living on other terms. I told you that you were missing God in all this. You’re at a dead end. If you won’t believe I am who I say I am, you’re at the dead end of sins. You’re missing God in your lives.”

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