Can’t We All Just Get Along?! And By “Get Along” I Mean, Can’t You Do As I Wish?

Most days, I get up first, because I enjoy the solitude. I pray, read my bible and write. I don’t even want to be spoken to until all those things are finished! This morning, Steve got up a little early, and things went nuts! As I sit here I’m thinking to myself, “how am I supposed to write anything with all this going on?”

One dog decided to “bathe”, and you just can’t ignore the sounds of a sixty pound dog cleaning themselves. The other dog decides to curl up beside me making insatiable smacking noises, and Steve, just let the biggest, nastiest fart I’ve ever heard! What the heck?! I wanted to tell him to make sure he didn’t soil himself, but it’s too early for conversation, so I softly said “NTAF”. That’s, never trust a fart, for those of you who don’t know. He didn’t move, so hopefully the couch isn’t ruined. Oh, and I can’t leave out the repeated clearing of the throat!

I’m on the verge of flying off the handle, when I realize just how redneckly, humorous this is, (no,redneckly is not a real word, but it should be!) and I just have to chuckle to myself. It’s times like these, I have to think about what’s truly important, and that sometimes, things are not exactly as we wish they’d be. People are going to do things you don’t like, and dogs are going to lick themselves, and there’s nothing you can do about that!

That’s where love comes in and saves the day! When our love for someone is greater than our desire for everything to be perfect, it’s so much easier to overlook such offenses as interrupting our quiet time. I pray that, above all else in my life, love is always greater than the offenses. If we stay busy trying to love, we don’t have anywhere near as much time to be offended, now do we? From the looks of things, I may have to repeat this mantra lots of times before the day is over!!

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins. 1Peter 4:8

3 thoughts on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?! And By “Get Along” I Mean, Can’t You Do As I Wish?”

  1. No longer needing my dolls in a row, their dresses without a wrinkle, heads tilted this way and that, my comfort level widens and so does my heart. When I shorten my list of quirks, I find there are less things you have to do, in order for me to be kind to you. * smiles*


  2. Dang Christa, you were right on target with that blog, that was how my thanksgiving weekend was when trying to wright. man I love your stories and you of course.


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