I remember once when I was nineteen, I had to put my car in the shop. I don’t remember what was wrong with it, but I know when you’re nineteen you’d, just about, rather lose a limb than to not have your car!

Finally! The day arrived when my car was fixed! Life suddenly seemed limitless! I could come and go as I pleased! I had the world, or at least Fort Payne Alabama, at my fingertips!! When suddenly, life was once again brought to a screeching halt! My car would NOT crank! I called my dad (from a pay phone) and pitched a hissy fit!

For those of you who are not southerners a hissy fit is a sudden outburst of temper, often used to describe female anger at something trivial. Originally regional from American South. Thought to originate from contraction of “hysterical fit.” Let me tell you it was not pretty!

“Deddy, (that’s how we southerners say daddy) I thought you said my car was fixed?! I’m sittin’ here in town stranded! They did NOT fix my car! You’re gonna have to come get me and take this car back! I need MY car! I can NOT continue to live life this way!” What a brat!

Anyway, dad came to get the car and took it back to the mechanic. I’m sure he took his frustration from me out on him. He proceeded to tell him that the car he’d paid to have fixed wasn’t fixed. The guy asked if he’d checked ‘this’ and ‘that’ and dad assured him that he had, and they’d all looked fine. The one thing, however, neither of us had checked was the gas tank! Turns out, the car was slap out of gas! Being quite the shade tree mechanic himself, dad was pretty embarrassed, and needless to say, he was really ticked at me!

The simplest thing, such as refueling, can turn a perfectly good day into a nightmare! Just like our vehicles, we too need refueling. We need plenty of rest, exercise, food, and a generous helping of time with God and His Word! I know I’m way more prone to pitching a hissy fit if I haven’t refueled with God each day. When I’m running on an empty ‘God-tank’, everyone around me knows it. Because without Him, I’m weak, I grow tired of life, and I’m a butthole, to put it mildly!

Don’t try to go about your business with an empty ‘God tank’. Make time to spend with the one, true heart mechanic, God! Each day let Him refuel you with His Truth and Love. You’ll pitch a lot less hissy fits!

He gives strength to those who are tired. He gives power to those who are weak. Isaiah 40:29

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