The Day Drug Sniffing Dogs Almost Ruined A Friendship

Way back in the day, in my life BC (before Christ), I had a slight tendency to partake in certain “party favors”. It was no secret really to those who ran in my circle; in fact most of them would join in! Notice I said most, not all?

Our friend Laina was the most straight laced of the bunch. She did not partake in the party favors, but thankfully she loved us anyway. One day Laina came to work so excited! She’d gotten a brand new car, that she couldn’t wait to to show off, so at lunch, we all piled in to grab a bite to eat.

It was a nice one! And there’s just something about that new car smell! It’s almost as good as smelling a freshly bathed baby. Little did we know, there was a smell that would trump the new car smell. Little did we know that the next place Laina went , her car would almost be destroyed!

That weekend Laina and her husband David went to visit a relative in prison. It was a great day! Tooling along in their sporty, new ride, looking forward to seeing their loved one. All was right in the world; with the exception that someone was incarcerated of course.

They pull up to the prison and go through the normal procedures, when out of the blue the drug sniffing dogs start to go nuts! Climbing and pawing at her brand new car, and barking like crazy. Laina and David are screaming for them to get off the car. The next thing you know, they’re asked to get out, and that’s when the dogs were let loose to pillage her new ride.

Naturally, they were interrogated, but I don’t think there was a cavity search. I’m pretty sure if there had of been, she might have kicked my butt! You see, those dog’s sense of smell is so sensitive they can tell if someone has been inside your car with drugs! Or maybe if someone had touched drugs then touched the door handle. Who knew?

Upon returning to work Laina had to relive the horror of that awful, embarrassing, stressful day, because she KNEW it had to have been one of us. As she told the story of being totally humiliated, and of the dogs scratching, and all but destroying, her car we sat there wide eyed, and in fear of our lives because, needless to say, she was furious! Reluctantly, I confessed that, indeed, I had been carrying a certain leafy, green party favor in my purse.
Fortunately, Laina is the sweet, forgiving kind, and we’re still friends.

You see, every person we interact with, we leave our scent, so to speak, in their lives. It’s our choice if we leave behind a horrible stench, or a pleasing aroma. I never again want to be responsible for causing anyone to go through troubles because of the ‘scent’ I’ve left in one’s life. And I’m thankful that when I do leave behind a not so pleasing aroma, that I have friends, and especially a God, who helps me restore things back to a sweet smelling fragrance! And I’m extremely grateful that I no longer have to worry about causing drug dogs to attack someone’s new car!

God considers us to be the sweet smell that Christ is spreading among people who are being saved and people who are dying. 2 Corinthians 2:15 LET’S LIVE LIKE IT!

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