Jealous? Maybe You Ain’t Wearing Enough Make Up!

Have you ever been jealous? If you say you haven’t, (and this is just my opinion) you’re lying through your lying liar hole! I’ll go ahead and admit, so some of you won’t feel bad, that this is something I struggle with. Here’s the definition if you need help deciding.

Jealous – feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages. “he grew jealous of her success”synonyms: envious, covetous, desirous; antonyms: proud, admiring
*Feeling or showing suspicion of someone’s unfaithfulness in a relationship.”a jealous boyfriend” synonyms: suspicious, distrustful, mistrustful, doubting, insecure, anxious. antonyms: proud, admiring
*Fiercely protective or vigilant of one’s rights or possessions. “Howard is still a little jealous of his authority” synonyms: protective, vigilant, watchful, heedful, mindful, careful, solicitous. antonyms: trusting.

When Steve and I first married, I was so jealous, I dang near drove him crazy. It wasn’t because of anything he’d done necessarily, it was simply because I didn’t know him well enough to trust him. Plus, because neither of us had an understanding of the love of Christ, we didn’t know how to truly love each other. Just for kicks and giggles, here’s you a little, free nugget of wisdom. Get to know the person you marry before marrying them! But most importantly, get to know God before marrying anyone! Period!

I’ve been jealous of people’s achievements, and even jealous of someone’s misfortunes. For instance, I was always jealous of my sister because she was a cute red head and had a few broken bones, which got her even MORE attention! I NEVER broke any bones! I wanted people to fuss over ME! Where were all MY broken bones and “stand out” hair? Ugh!

I’ve even been jealous of people’s spirituality. “Why is God using them in that way? What makes them so special?” Have any of you ever felt that way? All that boils down to is the fact that we don’t trust God. If we don’t think God is big enough to use every single one of us, then we don’t know diddly squat about God!

Someone may be much more well spoken than you, they may be more educated, they may sing better, teach better, have better skin, be thinner and prettier, they might have more money than you do, or a nicer car and a bigger house, but the fact remains that there’s something for every one of us to do for God’s kingdom! And those of us who don’t exactly feel equipped? That just means that we have to rely on God even more! Which is not at all a bad thing! Let’s stop trying to do what WE think we should do, and ask God what He wants us to do! We need not be jealous! We need only to be willing!

And, for the love, don’t be jealous of people’s looks or possessions. Trust me, they’ll be at least one person out there who thinks you look good! :-). Some of us just have to be willing to work a little harder! And a little extra hair spray and make up doesn’t hurt! Just kidding(sort of)! Take off those masks and be content with what God gave you, and what He has for you to do!

You want what you don’t have, so you kill to get it. You long for what others have, and can’t afford it, so you start a fight to take it away from them. And yet the reason you don’t have what you want is that you don’t ask God for it. And even when you do ask you don’t get it because your whole aim is wrong—you want only what will give you pleasure. James 4:2-3

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