Flista. You WILL Die!!

I like to fancy myself a very honest person. I tell the truth. I don’t steal or cheat. I’ll take a pen back to the bank if I accidentally take one. If someone asks me “does this look good?” I’ll give them an honest answer even if its not what they want to hear. Yesterday, I learned, or should I say RElearned a valuable lesson.

As a kid, I thought if no one knew I had done something it was ok. I mean, if I broke something, and mom asked “who did this?”, and I said “it wasn’t me!” then, clearly, I would’ve been lying; but if I kept silent, I could get away with it without lying!! NOT!

Not saying something when you know you’ve done, or are doing something wrong is lying. I knew this! I KNOW this! And yet, I chose to do it anyway. Ugh! Stupid flesh!

My intentions were certainly not malicious. My intentions were to help, but regardless our intentions, wrong is wrong. Most likely, had I gone about things the right way, I would’ve gotten the results everyone wanted, and no one would’ve been hurt in the process.

We can do things with good intentions. We can do things to try and help. We can make excuses and justify most anything; but the fact remains that wrong is wrong. And when we sin it hurts our relationship with God, and often times, with those closest to us.

I hate when Flista (flesh Christa) defeats the real Christa! I want to punch Flista in the gut! She’s a…..well, if I use the word I was thinking, then she wins yet again! Just know that Flista sux! And I WILL destroy her!

Anyone who knows the right thing to do, but does not do it, is sinning. James 4:17

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