Bella Chose The Biscuit. A Day In A Mexican Prison

Ah! It’s great to be back in the good ol’ USA! Where chicken looks like chicken, (unless you’re eating Chinese), you have toilet seats and can flush toilet paper, where you can drink the water, there are no machine gun carrying folks everywhere you look, and almost everyone speaks English. It’s the little things, you […]

Confessions Of A Whiney Brat

People do a lot of crazy things. I would say that was an understatement in today’s world. It seems to me there’s so much pain, people will do anything to numb themselves. Some use drugs, prescribed and illegal. Some drink excessively. Others do things like cutting themselves. Others have sex to try and fill the […]

HELP! I’m Being Crushed!

In the past couple of months, I’ve allowed something to creep into my life that’s beginning to cause much heartache and frustration. I’ve been getting anxious, and even angry at times. Thus far, I’ve refrained from actually using money to fund this habit, but I fear it’s right around the corner. Sometimes I feel as […]