This Little Light O’ Mine Shines Brightly! When I Pay My Bill…

I suppose it’s confession time. I really hate when I screw up! Especially when Steve is the one who first discovers my screw up.

I had to make a couple of stops on my way home from work the other day so I was late getting home. I get a call from Steve saying that we didn’t have power. Hmm? I was pretty sure I had paid the bill. Surely I’d paid the bill. Did I pay the bill?!? I asked if the neighbors had power. They did. I knew it wasn’t looking too good for me.

All the way home I worried. I worried that Steve would be mad at me if this did happen to be my fault. I worried if the power would be back in a timely manner. But mostly I worried that if the neighbors noticed we were home, but that there were no lights on, they’d know I hadn’t paid the light bill. Because sure enough, I hadn’t! I was embarrassed and felt kinda stupid. I hadn’t done anything like this in so many years! Don’t start taking up a collection for us! We had the money to pay the bill, I just didn’t do it!

Thankfully, God has a way of using everything as a lesson; even my procrastination. He showed me that if I was more concerned about doing the things I was supposed to do, than I was about people noticing my light shining, I’d be way better off. I was more worried about people KNOWING about my mistake than I was about MAKING the mistake. I’d say that was a little backward and a tad bit prideful.

I called, paid the bill, we went out for dinner, and came home to restored power! The lights were shining! Thank you Lord! Maybe all the neighbors didn’t see the AL power truck in our yard! 🙂

When we do what we’re supposed to do, our lights will shine brightly! And rest assured, when your main concern is doing the right thing, your light will be a warm, bright, inviting light! And you won’t have to wave it around, or be worried about people seeing (or NOT seeing) your light!

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. Matthew 13:8

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