Christa, Pete, And Repeat Were Sitting On A Fence…

I tend to repeat myself. It used to be so bad that my friends made a big joke about it. They’d call and say “Hey, did you know they paved the road in front of your house?” And I’d act surprised because I knew they were being “smart”. “Why no! When did they do that?!” I’d ask. The conversation would go on for several minutes about the road in front of my house because, apparently, I’d told them about it so many times, they were sick of ME telling them so they’d beat me to the punch.

It wasn’t so much that my short term memory was jacked up from various “treats” I may have partaken of, it was that I talked with so many people that I couldn’t remember to whom I’d said what. Not to mention, my friend Sophia has a tendency to beg me to repeat stories, so I’m sure I developed a habit.

Now, I’ll ask someone if I’ve already told them something, so as not to repeat myself. That is, if it actually occurs to me that I could’ve possibly already told them. Fortunately for me, most of the people I talk to have about as good a memory as I do, so it’s all good! There is, however, one person I talk with who never forgets anything, His name is God.

I know full well that He never forgets anything, yet I find myself telling and asking Him the same things over and over and over again. I know we should be persistent in prayer, but I think sometimes God probably feels like my friends used to. One time He said to me, in a nearly audible voice, “Hey, did you know your son is in prison, and that he really needs Me in his life?!” Not really, but I imagine that’s how He must feel.

The thing is, when we ask Him for something, we should believe that He’s going to take care of things. If we trust and believe, then after we ask, shouldn’t our prayers be those of thanksgiving for what we’re trusting Him to do?

This morning when I prayed for the ones I love, I thanked Him for the work He was doing, and going to do in their lives. I thanked Him for the things I could see, and those I couldn’t. I thanked Him for the tough situations that I couldn’t understand, and told Him I trusted Him. He knows what those I’m praying for, and I, need way more than I do, and I’m trusting Him to do it!

Tomorrow I leave for Mexico. I’m sure I haven’t mentioned that to anyone. Not! I’ll be gone for seven days, so I, most likely, won’t have time to blog. I think I’ll go back and repost some of my earlier blogs for those of you who might not have been following me back then. When I return, it’ll be business as usual!

I would appreciate prayers, as I’ll be leaving Steve home alone, and I’m worried that he and the pets (Flossie, Barbara, and Maudie) may starve to death. I bought Steve microwave pizzas, but he informed me that if it involved “cooking” he probably wouldn’t eat it. I seriously don’t want to come back to a really skinny husband! I mean, unless I were to happen to lose a few (or more) pounds while in Mexico. I mean, I wouldn’t want us to be unequally yoked.

I would also appreciate prayers for safety, productiveness, endurance, and for lives to be changed by Jesus’ love, for those of us going on the trip.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! And, did I mention that they paved the road in front of my house, and that I was going to Mexico for seven days?

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