Bella Chose The Biscuit. A Day In A Mexican Prison

Ah! It’s great to be back in the good ol’ USA! Where chicken looks like chicken, (unless you’re eating Chinese), you have toilet seats and can flush toilet paper, where you can drink the water, there are no machine gun carrying folks everywhere you look, and almost everyone speaks English. It’s the little things, you know?

I was more nervous about this trip than the last. Probably because Steve wasn’t going, and I didn’t know any of the women on the trip. Needless to say, they were all sweet and we all got along quite nicely (I think). However, it did seem that I would become the target and butt of just about every joke that was spoken.

“Somebody grease that grease fittin’ on her ratchet jaw!” Sam would say. Followed by, “I don’t know why you have that toolbox full of make up. You don’t look any better after you put it on!” Everyone says that Sam picks on the ones he loves. If thats the case, I’m beginning to think he wants me as his wife! After a while, it seems that I was an easy target.

When it seemed, for a minute, we might be having trouble getting across the border, one of the young ladies, I’ll call her Ashlyn” so as not to blow her innocent facade, said she would be willing to show a little of certain body parts if need be. She assured us that it would work because she’d used those parts to get a piece of carrot cake once when dining out. I told her if I tried to do that now, they’d probably give me the leftover cake from yesterday, or the rest of what someone else didn’t eat. Someone, I’ll call him “Lonnie” to protect the not so innocent, chimed in and said, “They’d probably throw you a stale biscuit.”

Wow. We’d only been on the trip a little while and already the love was flowing! Later on, as we were about to head to the prison, “Sara” asked who would be our body guards. I assured her that all the men had better be looking out for us since there was 2 men per woman. I told her that knowing my luck, should trouble arise, “Lonnie” would probably throw me to them! He said “I’d just throw ’em a biscuit.” To which “Sara” replied “They’d probably rather have a biscuit!”

I’m not sure, if you haven’t been to a Mexican prison, that you’d appreciate the magnitude of that statement. A lot of the men in there are not in the best shape. Their teeth are rotting, some are malnourished, and some have not been with a woman in a really long time. That being said, to think they’d rather have a biscuit than me?! Well, that stung just a smidge to say the least.

Immediately “Sara” began back tracking. She said she only meant that they didn’t get good food, and that a biscuit would really taste good to them. From what I have observed, you could starve a man half to death and he’d STILL choose being with a woman over eating a biscuit any day.

Unbeknownst to everyone on the mission trip, while they were sleeping, I brushed up on my Spanish. I secretly asked some of the best and worst looking prisoners if they’d rather have me or a biscuit. I just had to know! Only one of them chose the biscuit and he had tattooed eyebrows and they called him Bella!

After hearing that, I was able to take their jokes because I knew the truth! Ok, that last part may, or may not, have happened. I’ll never tell!

Here’s something that’s definitely true. I know that we had a great time, and that there were miracles that happened on this trip. I witnessed people operating in their gifts and using their God-given abilities to help the less fortunate. I saw a group of people, who didn’t know each other well, grow to love each other in eight short days. I know that no matter what language you speak, or how different a culture is, there’s one thing that’s the same. Love.

Love breaks all barriers! Language, cultural, sickness, not even an extremely large amount of moles prevented us from loving on people. God was at the center of this trip and He is love! I’m thankful that we serve the one true God, who heals and protects, and that He saw fit to use people like us to be His hands and feet. What a privilege to play a small part in His grand scheme! Also, what a privilege to be able to let others know that, indeed, I’m more desirable than a biscuit to most Mexican prisoners!

Continue to love each other with true brotherly love. Don’t forget to be kind to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it! Don’t forget about those in jail. Suffer with them as though you were there yourself. Share the sorrow of those being mistreated, for you know what they are going through. Hebrews 13:1-3

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