Rude Awakening

Yesterday I headed out to go on a relaxing women’s retreat with my mom and her high school friend. We drove to Gatlinburg Tennessee to a sweet, little cabin at the very top of the mountain.

Mom, Debbie, and I got there early and two other women, Rebecca and Jennifer, arrived around 9:30 pm. Two hours after mom had went to bed. Naturally, the four of us stayed up chit chatting until after midnight. And naturally mom gets up at 5am.

Mom getting up early is hardly any surprise she, like myself, is an early riser. I mean, who wouldn’t be after going to bed at 7:30?! The fact that she got up early wouldn’t be a problem if she knew how to be quiet!

As I was enjoying sweet, sweet slumber, and having some mighty interesting dreams, I was trying to figure out what the strange noise was coming from the bed. It was a creaking, rumbling type noise. Was there a monster under our bed?! Finally I came to myself enough to realize that it was the mattress creaking, and mom was getting out of bed….for what seemed to have taken thirty minutes. Ah! She finally made it out of bed! Back to sleep for me! Or was it?

The faint light of a cell phone, which I happened to use when I came to bed so as not to awaken my sweet, sleeping mother, wasn’t good enough for dear old mom. No! She had to turn on the light. But that’s not all. She proceeds to have a conversation with the dog, Lucy, telling her to go potty. Ok, I think the dog knows when she has the urge to evacuate her bladder.

As mom and Lucy make their way to the kitchen, surely she knocked over at least ten things on the way. If not, that’s sure enough what it sounded like. She woke up Debbie and her dog Molly who was sleeping on the couch.

After making it back to the bedroom, I asked mom if she’d turned the light on for Lucy to go to the bathroom. She said yes. OMG! Are you serious?! I gently reminded mom that, indeed, dogs are capable of seeing in the dark. She said she knew that;
but apparently Lucy is the only dog in the universe who can’t pee in the dark. God love her.

Oh well, four and a half hours is enough sleep for me! I mean, after all, I’m seventeen yours younger than mom; surely I don’t require the whole nine and a half hours she got?!

I have to say that when I was a kid, the fact that my mom got up early was one of my favorite things about her. There wasn’t a morning that me and my sister didn’t get up to a hot breakfast. Never mind the fact that mom had to go to work early and work all day. She came home in the afternoon and cooked supper, and we never had to look for clean clothes. I can assure you, that as a young wife and a mother, I didn’t work half as hard as my mom did. I wasn’t anywhere near the housekeeper for sure, and I certainly didn’t manage money as well as she does. And I still don’t do any of those things as well. My mom is awesome! However, I seem to recall her being a lot quieter upon awakening when I was younger!

“Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

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