I May Never Be Funny Again! Ugh!

I heard a testimony one time, and the person said something I’ll never forget. He said, “I told God that no matter how I felt. No matter how good something felt to me. If your word says it’s wrong, then from now on, I’m going to live my life as if it’s wrong!” That, my friends, is bold!

I wonder how many things in my life hinder my relationship with my Heavenly Father? I wonder how many blessings and opportunities I’ve missed out on because of things I’m holding on to?

Some things are just plain fun. Like my sense of humor which, more often than not, tends to cross the line. And by ‘crossing the line’ I mean it tends to be totally inappropriate. I know better, but my urge to be funny often gets the better of me. More often than not, my mouth runs way ahead of my brain. To those who know me well, this is no surprise. Thinking before I speak seems to take so much energy! Plus, what if someone else says something funny?!? Then THEY’D be the center of attention!! Gulp.

Did I just admit that being funny and being the center of attention means more to me than my relationship with Christ?! Ouch! That hurt. Shouldn’t the things God has for me be all that matters? Should I not seek and desire all that He has for me? If our earthly parents, who are sinful, know to give us good things, how much more then does our Heavenly Father give us? All we have to do is ask….AND be willing to do what He asks of us.

Ok. I’m giving up coarse humor for Lent. I realize I’m a little late, but better late than never right? That may sound silly to some, but it will be difficult for this gal!! So, those of you who are closest to me are responsible for holding me accountable! Those of you in the medical field may have to suture my tongue. I’ll be biting it a LOT!

We should desire the things God has for us above all things! We shouldn’t settle for anything less. Even if it means making a sacrifice. God knows, and has what’s best for us! No matter how good something feels to us, or even how funny it may be. If God says it’s wrong, then it’s wrong!

8-10 Don’t continue doing things the way we’re doing them at present, each of us doing as we wish. Until now you haven’t arrived at the goal, the resting place, the inheritance that God, your God, is giving you. Deuteronomy 12:8-9

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