Time To Change The Sheets!

Every morning I get up before Steve so that I can have quiet time with God, read my bible, pray, and write my blog. Most mornings, all is quiet. Every once in a while the animals kind of go nuts, but most of the time I sit in quiet solitude. This is my favorite part of the day.

In case you didn’t know, I get distracted very easily. Thus the reason I get up at the crack of dawn. Like I said, most mornings it’s the most quiet part of the day. This morning, however, about every five minutes or so, there’s a really loud, moist sounding fart coming from the bedroom. I realize that I’m forty “something”, but I get tickled every time it happens! I’m afraid the sheets will have to be changed when this is over. I can tell you this, I’m thankful Steve is wrapped up in blankets, otherwise I’d probably be more than distracted. I might be gagging! Hopefully when the covers are pulled back, all that is being trapped in will already have dissipated. If not, we’re in trouble!

Let’s face it, people passing gas in their sleep is funny! The fact that they’re being trapped under the covers is a blessing! But what happens when we try to cover up things such as anger, hurt, unforgiveness, or sin? That’s never funny. And when the covers are peeled back and things are revealed; it’s way worse than a thousand farts being released from under the covers!

Most of the time we can’t hide our feelings from our friends and family, and we sure can’t hide them from God! When we talk to Him, we need not try to pray pretty prayers and use “thus” and “thou”. We need to speak to him as a friend. A friend who’s more trustworthy than any friend imaginable. A friend who is thick skinned and can handle anything we throw at Him. A friend who understands any hurt, habit or hang up we could possibly be going through. Don’t hold in, or try to cover up things. That only leads to heartache.

If you can’t go to the person who hurt you, go to God! He’s our defender and our redeemer! He’s our “sheet changer” when things get messy. You can be honest with Him. Trust me on this one! Now, I guess I’ll go change our sheets!

Any bed the man with a discharge lies on will be unclean, and anything he sits on will be unclean. Anyone who touches his bed must wash their clothes and bathe with water, and they will be unclean till evening. Leviticus 15:4-5. 🙂

I am worn out from my groaning.
All night long I flood my bed…… Psalm 6:6a 🙂

O God, have pity, for I am trusting you! I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings until this storm is past. I will cry to the God of heaven who does such wonders for me. Psalm 57:1-2

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