What The Bunco?!?!

Kids, especially grown ones, can sometimes bring out the worst in us. They think they know everything, and that parents are the most stupid people on the face of the earth. To make matters worse, a good bit of the bickering is done via texting! Wait, that could be a good thing because if those ungrateful, smart mouthed, heathens were within our reach we might just punch them square in the mouth! I wonder sometimes why we actually engage them? I mean, we don’t HAVE to reply to their texts! I suppose it’s the fact that any communication with that pod person, who used to be your child, is better than none at all.

Last night at bunco, I was happy to see I wasn’t the only person having to deal with a ‘grown’ child who, apparently was also an expert in bringing out the worst in a parent.

As we sat there rolling the dice, the person keeping score (who shall remain nameless) was furiously texting. She was red faced and more quiet than usual. Keeping score in bunco is a very trusted, and important responsibility, so I was a bit put off that she wasn’t paying attention. I mean, the score needs to be accurate! In case you didn’t know, there’s money involved! And God forbid someone cheat ME out of the five or ten dollars I could possibly win!

I didn’t know who she was texting, nor did I realize she was putting the other pair’s points in with mine. When the bell was rang to signify that we had reached our goal, it was then that the error was noticed. That’s when it happened. I heard a certain word, one that I shan’t repeat, that I’d not yet heard at bunco. After all, this is a group of church ladies! In this case, I use the word “lady” very loosely. This was definitely an R rated movie kind of word. I felt as if I needed to shower.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that these lips haven’t uttered such filth, I too have a pod child, but I’d almost forgotten what it sounded like, being that our son has been out of the house for so long. There’s not as much ‘need’ to use such emphasizing words without young Tuck here. Although, there are the occasional road rage incidents that requires harsh words and inappropriate finger gestures.

To say the least, this person was worried that I might not come back after seeing and hearing her display of reality. I assured her that, other than feeling the need to bathe, I was perfectly fine. It’s obvious she doesn’t know me very well, or that wouldn’t even have been a concern. I have no room to judge anyone for anything! Besides, all was well after I won ten dollars!

We all lose our tempers and say things we shouldn’t. We’re always more embarrassed when it happens with others around, or at least I am. I always feel bad that I may have let someone down, or hurt my witness, or that someone will think badly of me. As bad as I hate to admit this, the fact that I’ve let Jesus down is usually the last thing I think of.

I guess it’s because I know He’s faithful and just to forgive, and that He’s going to love me no matter what. I’m so thankful for that fact, but the truth is that, even though His love for us is unconditional and unwavering, that doesn’t change the fact that He hates sin. All sin. ‘Big” and “little” sin.

When I mess up, the first thing I should think of is not how I look in other people’s eyes, but how I look in my Savior’s eyes. Everything we do matters to Him. When we get mad at someone, we’re essentially mad at Him. When we flip someone the finger in traffic, we may as well be flipping God the finger. When we say hurtful things to our children or spouses? You guessed it! You may as well be saying them to God Himself. Like it says in Matthew chapter 25: 37-40 37 “Then the godly people will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and give you food? When did we see you thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you with no place to stay and welcome you into our home? When did we see you without clothes and give you something to wear? When did we see you sick or in prison and care for you?’ “Then the king will answer, ‘The truth is, anything you did for any of my people here,you also did for me.’ Doesn’t the same truth apply to when we sin against others?

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