Points To Ponder

The sinus crud (or whatever it is) that is plaguing me is kicking my butt! I don’t sleep well because I cough all night. Then I’m ill as a hornet after a couple days of no sleep. Last night, I aimed to get some sleep!

I took nighttime cold meds AND my ‘sleepy’ meds. I woke up at 1am coughing so I took another half dose of the nighttime cold medicine. Needless to say, I’m groggy this morning! So I thought I’d share with you a few great points from this Sunday’s sermon at Oneeighty.

1) You’re only as sick as your secret.
Satan loves for us to keep things to ourselves and to isolate us. To make us feel as if no one could possibly understand, or that we’d look insane if we admitted how we feel. LIE!

2) Shame is a gateway to additional sin.
Shame is an ugly thing! Shame is what keeps us in a rut. It holds us back. It tells us that our sin is who, or what, we are; and that that’s all we’ll ever be. LIE!

3) Sin is expensive. Grace is free!
Sin always costs us something. It can cost us money (court fines, tickets etc.), friends, and family, and ultimately, our lives. As pointed out in #2, along with sin comes shame, but you can rise above ANY sin you’re caught up in because GOD’S GRACE IS FREE!!! All you have to do is ask! He’s faithful and just to forgive! *1 John 1:9

4) The place of your great fall, can be the place of your great call.
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times! God doesn’t waste ANYTHING! He turns our messes into messages! Let Him use you! Hold your head high and allow God to turn you into the person He created you to be!

If you have some down time go to www.oechurch.org and check out the videos and sermons in the H20 series! It’s good stuff!

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