Derailed. Delayed. Right On Time!

Yesterday was a busy day. We were rushing around, trying to get everything taken care of before we would leave bright and early the next morning to pick up our FMoG, Tucker from prison! I had been a nervous wreck all day. We hadn’t heard from Tuck in a couple of days. I figured they […]

Jail Talk. His Ways Are Higher!

Last night I had the privilege to speak the guys at the St. Clair County jail. I’m humbled that God chooses to use jacked up people such as myself. I wanted to talk to them as a mother. Not to point out how they’d messed up, (no one needs that, we know full well when […]

Stoned? Say You’re Stoned!

Some of you may know that yesterday was our FMoG’s (future man of God) birthday! He celebrated his 23rd birthday in prison. There’s got to be a redneck joke or a country song there somewhere! Who knows, I may just write one! Tuck’s always been quick witted like his momma. He could come up with […]

I’m All Forked Up!

I love how, at just the right time, God will send someone to tell you exactly what you need to hear. That happened to me last night standing outside our church. I go to a church where people struggle with many various issues. I suppose it’s not much different from most other churches, except, at […]

Eight Days And Counting!

This week feels like it’s flying by. Wait. It’s only Tuesday. Ok, this week feels like it’s dragging by. I think things are getting jumbled up in my head because the time is drawing nigh for our son to come home. Eight more days to be exact. The other day my friend told me that […]