These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

There’s nothing I love more than going to Walmart. I love spending my hard earned money on things that are made in China. I love it when it’s crowded and they only have two cashiers. I especially love it when people use those buggies that hold two kids and they’re running over things because the buggy’s so big, and they can’t see around the two kids who are pitching a fit for some toy. I also love to see people walking around in their pajamas, and various other inappropriate attire.

Something else about Walmart that makes my heart skip a beat is when I see perfectly able bodied people, who are too lazy to take a few extra steps to put the buggy in the buggy bin. There are those, however, who put theirs up, but shove them in all cattywampus so that the next person can’t fit their buggy in correctly. That’s so sweet! I mean, at least you’ve taken the time to walk to the bin.

Last but not least, I love to see people parked IN the buggy bin. I certainly understand accidentally pulling in there, but once you get in and realize that your car doesn’t fit, and clearly you see the buggy bin in front of you, why on earth wouldn’t you move?!


I really did make this picture! its not something I just found on the Internet. Ah yes! Walmart is one of my favorite destinations on earth. NOT! Going to Walmart makes it difficult to maintain a good christian attitude. It makes me question my hope in our country, and in humanity. It does, however, allow me to hone one of my best, and most favorite, spiritual gifts….sarcasm.

Ok, so maybe sarcasm isn’t a spiritual gift, (but it should be) and maybe I need to look at going to Walmart as being on the mission field. Maybe if I had a better attitude, God could use me even in Walmart. I mean, God sends missionaries to other communistic areas! 🙂

You will be his witness to all people, telling them about what you have seen and heard. Even in Walmart. Acts 22:15
I added that last sentence. It’s not really in the bible 🙂

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