Manic Monday Manipulations

Yesterday was definitely just another manic Monday. It started off normal, but it quickly changed as it neared 9:00am.

I got up as usual around 4:30am, had coffee, bible and prayer time. Then I wrote my blog, got Steve out the door, caught up on my games while watching Rick and Bubba and eating breakfast, jumped in the shower, ran out the door, jumped in my car, tried to crank it, and all it would do is turn over. Ugh! I was already running late!

I called Steve but he said there was nothing he could do until lunch. It was raining so I thought to myself “God must be smiling on me! He knew I wanted to stay home! Besides, who in their right mind, would get out and pick out flooring on an ugly day like today?!” All was swell in Christa’s world! I would go back in, slip on my pj’s and curl up in front of the TV; but before I got too comfy, I thought I’d better let our customers know that I wouldn’t be there until after lunch. Which means 2:30.(Yes, my lunch ‘hour’ is from 12-2:30. I’m sleeping with the boss..don’t judge!)

I posted on our Facebook page, and a couple other places I thought people might look. Little did I know my BFF Lajuana was off work. This is where my Monday went completely manic.

I was just getting ready to nestle in when I got a text. It was Lajuana offering to pick me up and take me to the office. I thought about it, weighing my options. I could take her up on the offer and make my boss/husband proud, OR I could pile up on the couch with Flossie and watch TV, and/or nap. I chose to pile up! I politely declined her offer assuring her that Steve would come to my rescue at lunch. Ah, finally! Rest for the weary!

I had no more gotten settled in when I received yet another text. This time, Lajuana wasn’t so nice. Her text read, and I quote, “That’s fine. Decline my offer. I’ll just go comment on your Facebook post that I offered to give you a ride and that you declined.” I could detect the ‘matter of factness’ in her text. She meant business. I tried to play it off as if I thought she were joking, “LOL!” I replied, but she assured me that her fingers were on the keys! I begged her not to do it. I told her that it was just a few hours, and it wouldn’t hurt a thing, but she wouldn’t listen. Her goal was to get me in trouble! Suddenly I felt like a kid in the playground being bullied.

I suppose I could’ve stood my ground and refused, but the texts were so scary that I agreed to let her take me to the office. This could’ve easily been used as a scene in the sequel to Misery! Being hobbled never seemed very appealing to me, so I got dressed and awaited her arrival.

When she got here she was all smiles and sweet as pie; as if she hadn’t just manipulated me into going to work. I think she may be in cahoots with Steve!! I bet Steve paid her to do that! And I’ve seen Lajuana fight for money! I never knew that two of the people I love so dearly, could be so jealous of me having a morning off. Help ’em Lord.

Manipulation is an ugly thing. It’s a tool we’ve all used to try and get our way. I know I have. I’ve used it on Steve and Tucker. I’ve used it on my friends. I’ve even tried to use it on God, treating Him sort of like a genie in a bottle; like, if I’m good enough, and do all the right things, then I’ll get anything and everything I want. God certainly does not work that way. He doesn’t care what, or how much you do, if you’re only doing it to get something in return. God wants you to do things out of love for Him and a desire to know Him better. Unlike myself, God can’t be manipulated!

Believing in God is not enough. I believed that my car would start, but it didn’t. God wants to have a relationship with us. He wants to speak to us, through that still, small voice, or through His Word. He wants us to love Him above all things, and to trust Him with everything. Now if Steve and Lajuana would only love me just the way I am, the way Jesus does, and stop manipulating me.

Your own parents, brothers, relatives, and friends will turn on you and turn you in. Luke 21:16

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