Stoned? Say You’re Stoned!

Some of you may know that yesterday was our FMoG’s (future man of God) birthday! He celebrated his 23rd birthday in prison. There’s got to be a redneck joke or a country song there somewhere! Who knows, I may just write one!

Tuck’s always been quick witted like his momma. He could come up with a comeback without batting an eye. There was always an excuse for everything, or some clever explanation. That was before drugs entered the picture, after that, his excuse making skills were a bit dulled.

For instance, one day Steve spotted young Tuck at the convenience store. He was about to head over to say hello when Tucker saw him. Tucker turned on a dime and all but ran to his car. That didn’t make Steve suspicious at all! NOT! Steve made it to Tuck’s car before he had a chance to get away. That’s probably because Tuck was slightly moving in slow motion.

Steve reached Tucker’s car, leaned down to say hello, and much to his chagrin, lil baby Tuck Tuck was stoned as a bat! Eyes red as beets, and barely open. Steve politely pointed out the, quite obvious, fact that Tucker was stoned. To which Tuck replied, “Nah dude, I ain’t stoned man.” Steve ordered him to go home immediately. He then called me to warn me of the pending drama.

When Tuck walked in the door, he immediately began telling me how his dad was constantly wrongly accusing him of stuff. I assured him that I, myself had been stoned a time or a thousand, and that I knew ‘stoned’ when I seen it! I also assured him that I was looking right at him, and that his eyes were visibly red, not to mention, barely open! “His response? “I ain’t stoned momma! Dang! I’ve got small eyes! What am I supposed to do? Walk around like this all day?!” As he pulled his eyes open with his fingers. Wow! He definitely won the award for lamest excuse ever!

Had I not been so mad at him, I probably would’ve laughed. I wondered how many times my parents had secretly thought ‘what an idiot’ after some of the excuses I had given them? I wondered how frustrated I’d made my Heavenly Father when I’ve made excuses to Him when He’s asked me to do things, or when I’ve blatantly sinned? I’m sure, I’ve made my earthly parents, and my Heavenly Father just as frustrated, if not more, than Tucker has us. Well, maybe not quite that much :-).

I’m thankful that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Tucker actually admit to doing wrong. That’s huge with people who struggle with addictions! It’s usually always someone else’s fault, or there’s some stupid excuse such as “I have small eyes.”

We could all learn a lesson from this story. When we do wrong, let’s have the courage to admit it, and take it like a big boy/girl. Will we have to suffer consequences? Sometimes. But I believe God will also reward us when we take responsibility for our actions.

Moral of the story? If you’re stoned. Say you’re stoned! Better to suffer the consequences than have people make fun of your lame excuse behind your back.

For we are each responsible for our own conduct. Galatians 6:5

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