He’s BAAACK! Fatted Calf Never Tasted So Good!

Speaking of being delayed, I know this blog posting is late, but I’ve slept SO good here at the beach! Anyway, better late than never, right?

It has been really good to have our FMoG home with us! We “killed the fatted calf” upon his arrival. Well, someone killed a cow, because we had cheeseburgers at The Shack! That’s about as close to killing a calf as we’ll get I guess. Needless to say, Tuck ate like he’d never seen a cheeseburger. I would have to imagine The Shack food kicks prison food’s butt!

I have to admit that I’ve been a nervous wreck just thinking about this trip. All I could think about was how our last family beach trip had gone, and how Tucker had acted in the past when he’d come home after being gone.

On our last family beach trip, Tucker ended up hooking up with some people, staying out all hours of the night, with us not having a clue where he’d been, or what he’d been doing. Which left me worrying the entire time, trying to hide how hurt and mad I was, so I wouldn’t ruin the trip for everyone else.

In the past when Tucker had been gone from home and would come back, I’d be on pins and needles because I wouldn’t know what would happen. He’d all but hijack my phone, (which was my fault, but I’d desperately be trying to keep the peace!) start texting his buddies and within days, off he’d go! He’d be hateful and ungrateful, and it would seem as if he couldn’t wait to get away from us. But I have to say, this time has been different.

He seems grateful. I think he actually wants to be with us, and he’s been so sweet! Granted, we’ve only been here one full day. Later I may be writing something totally different! However, in the here and now, which is all I should be concentrating on, things are going well!

I’ve known all along, even before I lived for The Lord, that God had a special plan for my boy! I didn’t have a clue that my boy would end up taking the really, long way around! The thing is, sometimes we have to take the long way to appreciate what we have when we get to where we’re going! I’ve detoured on more than one occasion myself.

I’ve asked God for many specific things concerning my son. I’ve begged Him to change him, and to make him whole. I’ve asked for favors, and selfishly been mad when I didn’t get what I wanted. Oh, how many times does God have to tell me that it’s not about me?! Knowing that God has a plan, I know that He’ll do, or allow whatever it takes to get His child’s attention. God’s will be done!

Today, I’m living in the here and now. I refuse to worry about tomorrow. I’m choosing to trust that God’s got this and that I am not in control. Today, even though it’s rainy, windy and cold here, I’m going to enjoy having my family together! I’m going to do my best to put on my “Jesus glasses” and see everyone (even my family) the way He does. Today, i will trust that God has heard the prayers of this mother’s heart, and that He’ll answer them as He sees fit, and according to His will. Today, I will remind myself that His will, and timing are always perfect and best. Thank You Jesus for healing and restoring. Thank you for protecting, and for Your sweet grace and mercy! This is a good day! A good day indeed!

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him. 1 John 5:14-15


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