Two’s Company. Three’s A Family!

Well, well, well, he’s back for sure. I’m not used to anyone, except me, being a grouch in the mornings. However, technically speaking, I’m not grouch in the mornings. As long as I get up before everyone, and no one utters a single word to me until I’m ready for them to speak. I have a feeling that the three of us living in such close quarters will cause us to finish our house faster than we ever expected! I know it’ll cause us to get our new store, which we closed on Monday, finished in record time!

Tucker and I have made “You/I could be in prison” our mantra. When I get frustrated with him I say, “You could be in prison!” And when he gets frustrated with being around us, in close quarters, he says, “I could be in prison!” It seems to be working.

As many of you know, after we picked Tucker up, we headed straight for the beach. We had a carload. My Mom, my two nieces, Tori and Ivy, Steve and I all piled in the suburban and headed South! Florida or bust!

We felt, or at least I did, that it would be nice to get away for a few days to make Tucker’s transition a little more smooth. I do believe I was right!

As far as beach trips go, one might have considered this one to have sucked. It was freezing, windy, and rainy. It was Thunder Beach weekend so traffic was terrible, and some of the motor cycles were so LOUD! Friday night my Mom ended up being admitted into the hospital with chest pains; so Mom and I spent all night Friday and all day Saturday in the hospital.

One might also think that a stay in the hospital would be boring, but not for us! Mom had a roommate that was hilarious! She was a Vietnam vet who was paralyzed from the waste down.
To say that she loved to talk would be a very exaggerated understatement.

It was close to 1am when they put us in the room, so I just nodded my head at her, so as not to seem rude, but not to disturb. She was trying to talk then but Mom and I were both sleepy so it wasn’t long before Mom was snoring and I was awkwardly curled up in the two chairs I had pushed together. When morning came, Mrs. Patricia was ready to talk! I tried to pull the curtain so I wouldn’t have to stand at the ends if the beds to talk to both of them, but when I did, the air vent was blowing right on Mom, so I had to close it back. Finally, Mom figured out that we could open the other end and be able to chat. After about 30 seconds Mom was trying to figure out how to get the curtain closed! She tried asking me to close the curtain so that I could look at something that was bothering her, close to an area that needed to be covered. I mouthed to her that we’d already started a conversation and I couldn’t just leave the curtain closed. Mom was not happy. Then, they gave her a shot of morphine, it wasn’t long before she and Mrs. Patricia warmed up to each other quite nicely.

Wow. I wish I’d closed the curtain when I had the chance! These women got to talking about sex! Eew! Shudder! Gag! This us not the conversation you want to be having with your Mother and a stranger! Both who are not married I might add! I can’t repeat half the stuff Mrs. Patricia said, but we laughed our butts off! I told them I was going to start preaching to them in a minute if they didn’t hush! I almost peed my pants once we laughed so hard.

Mom and I also played Phase 10 dice game, in which I kicked her butt, of course. Actually, besides Mom being stuck with needles, and having chest pains, I’d say we had a pretty good time.

It was a beautiful day Saturday, so Steve, Tuck and the girls went to the beach. The water was freezing, and Steve got in with his phone in his pocket. Needless to say, he wasn’t a happy camper. Still, I think they had a pretty good day too.

They let Mom out around 5:30pm, so we got milkshakes from Sonic for everyone, and enjoyed a quiet evening playing games. The kids weren’t too happy, due to the fact that they’d wanted to go somewhere, but I was worn slap out! I still say we had fun! there was a lot of laughing and playing around, which, inadvertently, ended up in the youngest crying. Oh, and by the way, Mom’s fine! No heart attack! The EKG showed a possible left bundle blockage, but they think her pain was more esophageal, because all her heart levels were great!

Even though the beach trip didn’t go as we’d planned, I feel like there was some bonding and reconnecting. The girls were tickled to see Tucker, and I believe he was just as tickled to see them. We were glad to have our son back, and glad to see some positive changes. He hasn’t “arrived” but he’s closer than he was. Besides, no one ever “arrives”! We’re always changing and learning. God is continuously growing us all.

Today, I’m thankful that God can be found in any, and every circumstance. Cold and rainy, sunny and warm; even in a crowded hospital room when you’re having chest pains! Thank you Father for always being there, and for helping us see the bright side!

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:11-13

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