Sticky Fingers. The Woes Of Genetics

Genetics play a huge role in a person. Genetics determine our looks, and our personalities. Genetics can play a part in addictions and other certain bad habits. I realize that we’re all human, and born into sin, but there are certain characteristics that one might particularly be vulnerable to because of genetics.

As many of you know, because I’ve written about it, I was caught shoplifting when I was younger. (See the blog titled Bye Bye K-Mart) I thought that I was just being a rebellious teenager, but it turns out, our family has a genetic propensity to steal.

When we were at the beach, Mom, Tori, Ivy and I went shopping. We left Target, and when we got to the car, I noticed that Mom had a shirt, un-bagged, under her arm. Was this what I thought it was? Had Mom actually shoplifted right under our noses?! And in front of the kids no less! I was mortified. All sort of things ran through my head. Do I say something now, in front of the kids? Do I wait until we get back to the house? How do I handle a situation like this? I’m not supposed to have to get on to my Mom!

I put the car in drive but could not make myself pull out of the parking space. I put the car back in park and decided I had to confront my Mother. “Mom” I said. “I can’t let you do this. You have to go back inside and pay for that shirt! This is not the kind of example you want to set for the children!” Tori and Ivy sat there staring. I believe they were in shock. “We just got one family member out of the ‘big house’, let’s not have another one go there too!”

Mom looked under her arm and tried to act as if she didn’t realize she had the shirt. As she dug for her receipt, pretending to check to see if she’d paid for it, I thought to myself, “No wonder our family has been through so much. It’s in our genes!” Just as I had suspected, the shirt was not on her receipt. I demanded that she take it back in and pay for it immediately! Reluctantly, she went.

As the rest of us sat there stunned, I tried explaining to my young, sweet, innocent nieces that stealing was wrong, and that I’d talk to Mawmaw, and this would never happen again! Even if we had to start leaving her at home. When Mom returned, she showed me the receipt, and assured me this would never happen again. I wanted to believer her, but once trust is broken, it’s hard to restore.

Now, I have to admit, I worry about myself a little. Will I start stealing when I’m older? Will Steve have to watch my every move when we’re shopping? Will Tucker one day have to bail ME out of jail? I pray this never happens, and that this gene has skipped Tori and Ivy.

Ok, ok. I seriously exaggerated this story. Yes, Mom did leave Target without paying for a shirt, but not on purpose. She’d actually checked out and paid for other things! I’m not sure how the cashier missed that, unless she was just trying to see if Mom would steal. Needless to say, I didn’t have to make her go back in and pay. She went back in, as fast as her legs would take her, to pay for her stolen merchandise. The only bad outcome of this story is that, after the talk we had about stealing, my sister may have some explaining to do to her girls!!! Sorry Melissa! Love you! 🙂

Riches gained through dishonest means will eventually vanish, but doing what is right avoids a deadly consequence. Prov. 10:2

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