Don’t Make Me Sin! You Idiot!

I like to consider myself a very laid back person. I get along with most everyone, and can tolerate even the most annoying people. Not that anyone I’m ever around is annoying. I’m just saying. There is one thing, however, that gets under my skin; and not just every once in awhile. It gets under my skin most every, single day!

Most days I leave for work with no margin of time. I know just how long it takes me to get there, and I would have no problem doing so, if it weren’t for the fact that every, single morning there’s some idiot driving UNDER the speed limit! Are you kidding me?! Who, in their right mind, drives UNDER the speed limit?!

Look, I’m all about being careful and obeying the law, (at least most of the time, unless I’m running late) but come on! There’s got to be some kind of rule about going under the speed limit! Especially during any time of day that people are going to, and from work.

There’s hardly a morning that goes by that I don’t have to pass someone. I don’t like passing cars, it scares me. Plus, my poor Suburban, she’s getting old, and I have to put the pedal to the metal when I pass someone. Do you know how much gas a big car like that uses, let alone when I’m flooring it?! Plus, I’m trying to make this car last as long as possible. It’s paid for, and quite frankly, I don’t want a car payment.

If people want to drive under the speed limit, they should stay home until after 9am! That would cut down on me, and folks like me, from sinning. But wait! You’re not supposed to cause anyone to stumble, right? SO, if I flip someone the finger, or say something inappropriate as I’m flying by them, would it not be their fault?! Oh My Gosh! Hallelujah! I’m not sinning after all!! My day just got better!

I know there are many of you out there who, like myself, struggle with idiot drivers. Now, there’s not as much need to fret over your road rage. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! From now on, I’m going to pray for those unfortunate people who don’t know how to drive. Would you join me in praying for those who continue to live in their sin, and cause others to stumble?

So we should stop judging each other. Let’s decide not to do anything that will cause a problem for a brother or sister or hurt their faith. Romans 14:13

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