Stop The “Puddinizing”!

Can I just say that it’s a whole lot easier to trust God concerning your child, when your child isn’t right up under your nose! If you don’t see all the little things, and hear most of the typical, ignorant remarks from typical 23 year olds, you’re so much better off, and it’s SO much easier to believe that God can change them! Some things you may see and hear just makes you think, “I know God’s big and all, but did He just see/hear THAT?” Those of you who are the parents of “grown” folks know what I’m talking about.

I feel like life was much better before cell phones, computers and constant communication. When I was out as a teenager, if mom said be home at 10, I was home by 10, and she wasn’t constantly texting or calling to keep tabs on me. Because she couldn’t!!! It’s so tempting, because of technology, to try and control, and keep up with, every move our kids make. I’m just not so sure that’s the best thing to do.

Our parents had no choice but to let us figure some things out on our own. Today’s parents spend too much time trying to prevent something bad from happening. We wouldn’t want our baby’s self esteem to be lowered, now would we? HOGWASH!

Trust me when I say this, I’m speaking from experience, because I was one of “those” parents. We need to be teaching our children who they are in Christ. THAT’S where their esteem should come from; not self! Our selves are bad, because we are born into sin. The only good in us is Jesus!

Self esteem shmelf esteem! Let life knock your kids down a time or two. Then teach them Who to turn to when it happens. Teach them to rely on The Lord not their parents, and certainly not themselves. Remind them that the world has most everything backward to what God’s Word says. Most importantly, be an example. Let them know that you’ve never been, nor will you ever be, perfect. Don’t be afraid to admit when you screw up. Sharing our mistakes with our children doesn’t mean we’re admitting failure, it means we’re admitting to being human, and that we too NEED Jesus!

Let’s stop the “puddinization” of America! Let’s get back to doing things God’s way! It’s the best way!

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