Now THAT’S Living!

I’m struggling this morning. I got out of my routine because Steve and Tucker left early. If my routine gets messed up, my brain has a hard time working. My brain has a hard enough time under “normal” circumstances! Plus, I have no proof reader this morning. Forgive my mistakes!

I think, a lot of the time, we make things harder on ourselves than they need be. We try to do this and that at church, put our children in too many extra curricular activities, working inside and outside the home. We feel as if we, and our things, have to be perfect. The truth is, what we need to be trying to make perfect, is our relationships.

What matters most? The dishes being done, or spending time with your family? What matters most? How many things you can do at church, or having a close relationship with God? What matters most? Your immaculate home, or a home that’s always open to friends and family? At the end of it all, what REALLY matters?

This life we’re living isn’t about status or wealth, it’s about relationships! It’s about loving people the way Jesus did, and pouring into others. And love isn’t always flowers and gumdrops. Sometimes love is hard; love is a choice. Life is about always trying to do the right thing; and when we don’t? We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and then, do the NEXT right thing! This life is about putting others before ourselves, and putting Jesus above everything! Now, that’s living!

Let’s stop worrying about keeping up with the Joneses. Let’s stop comparing our kids to other people’s kids. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to others. Let’s not be jealous of people, but be happy when good things happen for them. Let’s not worry about our cars or our homes so much, and let’s start spending our lives doing things that matter! People matter! Relationships matter! Souls matter!

When our lives are over, how would we rather be remembered? That we had many, fine things, or that we shared what we’d been blessed with; our time, talents, and treasures, with others? Ok, there was more to say than I thought! 🙂 thank you Lord!

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth where they can erode away or may be stolen. Store them in heaven where they will never lose their value and are safe from thieves. If your profits are in heaven, your heart will be there too. Matthew 6:18-21

2 thoughts on “Now THAT’S Living!”

  1. Good morning. Just sitting here thinking how blessed we are to have a nice neat house and the time and means to love on people. The relationships with God are on going so we don’t have to struggle with that. Don’t worry about the elephant biting you kill the mosquitoes! Love you, Steve baby anddddddddddddd TUCKER!


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