Me So Corny! Me Love You Long Time!

Lately, several things have been brought to my attention regarding men. Assuming they’re heterosexual and not married, their biggest, most important goal in life is to get a woman! Like I said yesterday, they love the thrill of the chase! Now, I believe God’s allowing my to be privy to this information for a reason. I’m assuming it’s to pass my wisdom on to the younger women in my life.

These days, the wooing of a mate is totally different from when I was younger. We didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or snapchat. Heck, we didn’t have the internet or cell phones! We had that one phone, on the kitchen wall, with a million foot cord. And it’s certainly different from the wooing of a couple who’s been married over twenty years!

Anyway, in observing the wooing rituals of this generation, (names are being withheld to protect the not so innocent, but I know this young man very well!) it appears that corny may be the new suave. In the past week, I’ve witnessed some very interesting snapchats. A picture of a broom with a caption that read,”You sweep me off my feet”. A picture of the Chik-fila cow that read, “I love you MOOore”. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I’d give anything if I had the pictures to share with y’all!

After watching this young, male species doing everything in his power to win over his girl, I couldn’t help but tell him how corny he was! Although, I have to admit, had we had snapchat, and had someone been sending me things like that? I would’ve been caught, hook line and sinker!

I told him he should tell her that he was the king of ‘CORNography’ and that they should make a ‘CORNo’. Heck! He could’ve snapchatted a picture of a can of corn! I seriously cracked myself up with that one!!! Don’t get your panties in a wad! I didn’t mean anything sexual! It was just a hilarious play on words!

It amazes me what a raised testosterone level will do to a man! And they’re all alike! Well, in some aspects anyway. There are men who are just plain disgusting, but that’s a whole other blog! My point is, like a deer in rut, when a man gets a woman in his sights, he’ll follow her around until she gives in! Another reason for NOT having sex before marriage. The chase is the most fun! Once it’s over, so is a lot of the fun!

This past week I also had it confirmed to me, by another young man, that men are, indeed, VERY visual creatures. Y’all have read several blogs about my friend Tina’s son Josh. Josh May have Aspergers, but that doesn’t make him any less male! He loves the ladies!

He told his mom that he’d seen a study that most men prefer their women without make up. He said he believed he’d prefer his woman without make up too, unless of course, and I quote, “unless I marry an ugly woman”. That’s hilarious!

Here’s the thing, as funny as that statement was, there’s so much being said in such few words. You see, Josh’s desire for companionship isn’t limited by looks. Even though I’m fully aware (and so is anyone who encounters Josh) that he has an opinion, he understands that love is blind, and that relationships require more than just physical attraction. He understands that we’re supposed to look at a person from the inside out, and that there’s more to a person than just their looks. He also understands the concept of covering up ugly!

The moral of the story is; if you’re a single lady, who wants to be wooed, and maybe, you’re not THAT attractive? Just apply more make up! Problem solved!

Seriously. Don’t base your opinion on a person solely on their looks. If you just give someone a chance, you may find that you truly enjoy someone’s company, and are more attracted to them than you realize! A relationship based only on physical attraction rarely lasts. Don’t get me wrong, physical attraction helps, but it won’t hold two people together forever!

Don’t focus on decorating your exterior by doing your hair or putting on fancy jewelry or wearing fashionable clothes; let your adornment be what’s inside—the real you, the lasting beauty of a gracious and quiet spirit, in which God delights. 1 Peter 3:3-4

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