Texting. Communication At It’s Funniest

I have a love-hate relationship with autocorrect. I love how it will add apostrophes where they’re (⬅️see! It just did it!) needed, and how it capitalizes things that need capitalizing. What I don’t like is when it changes one of my perfectly nice words to something not so nice! Whenever that happens, it changes the […]

Get That Fox Song Out Of My Head!!!!

Ok. So at this moment, I have the song What Does The Fox Say stuck in my head! Ugh! If that’s not one of the most stupid songs I’ve ever heard I’ll kiss your foot!! The funny thing is, everyone knows that song! They might not know what’s being said, but you can just about […]

Define Humble?!

Yesterday, a friend spoke life and encouragement to me, concerning a very sensitive issue. I would call her by name, but she’s so humble that I wouldn’t want to embarrass her. She’s the type of person who doesn’t desire the attention of others. She’s also the friend that, if anything, wise comes forth from her […]

Sexy Feet And The Good News

Women love to look pretty. Well, most women love to look pretty. I’ve seen a few that could use a little help. I’m just sayin’. We color our hair, we wear shoes that hurt our feet, we wear Spanx that, all but cuts off the circulation at our mid sections, just to make ourselves appear […]

Sex. It’s Good And Complicated!

Do you remember, as a young person, there might be a person, of the opposite sex, you spent lots of time with, and enjoyed every minute; but if someone asked why y’all didn’t date, you’d say “Oh, we’re too good of friends. I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship.”? That’s the biggest bunch of bull […]

Working Can Weight…Er, I Mean Wait!

Have you ever thought God was asking you to do something, but you needed confirmation to proceed? I know I sure have! For instance, one time, I was praying about losing weight. I was pretty sure God was saying “You really should lose some weight!”, but I wanted it to be confirmed before I set […]