Ooh That Smell! Can You Smell That Smell?

Do you know that person who can’t hide anything, because you can tell what they’re thinking by the looks on their face? I know I sure do! My BFF, Lajuana, is one of those people.

I can’t sit across from her in a group setting, because if something is wonky on her side, I’ll be able to tell by the looks on her face. It never fails, I’ll get tickled, and she’ll get tickled, and everyone thinks we’re up to something! When in reality, it’s usually the person next to her!

Like this one time we were in Sunday School, and she was sitting directly across from me. I looked up, and she had, for lack of a better way to describe it, the most disgusting smile on a person’s face I’ve ever seen. It was as if she really wanted to smile, but the look of disgust was fighting hard to break through.

I watched her closely. She was in an almost trancelike state. It’s as if you could almost, literally see the wheels in her mind turning, trying to will herself to smile. She’d close her eyes, take a breath, swallow hard, and try to push the corners of her mouth into an upward position, and she would! But alas, her brow would furrow, and her nose would slightly crinkle, all while trying to force a smile. At one point, she appeared to be getting a blue tint around her mouth, as if she were holding her breath. I’d give anything to have video footage!

Now, others might not have noticed the odd behavior, but I’ve known her forever, and I can tell when something’s up. I’m sure the other people just thought she had a weird smile. We were fairly new to the church.

As soon as class was dismissed, she ran outside as fast as lightening! I had to sprint to catch up with her! And y’all know I hate running! When I finally caught up with her, I found her standing smack dab in the middle of a group of smokers! I didn’t want to offend the smokers, so I pulled her to the side and asked why she’d stood there? She said, “I just needed a breath of fresh air!”

Ok. Fresh air? She was standing in a cloud of smoke! I told her that I’d noticed the look on her face in class, I asked her what was wrong, and she seemed shocked that I’d noticed. “You noticed?! “I thought I was doing SO good! I thought I was maintaining my composure!”, she said. I assured her that others, most likely, had no clue, but I certainly knew! I can read her face like a book.

Come to find out, the gentleman beside her, who happened to LOVE to hear himself talk, apparently had the worst breath humanly possible. She said, at one point she’d held her breath to the point of almost passing out. That would explain the blue tint around her lips! And why breathing in cigarette smoke was a “breath of fresh air”!

Needless to say, we laughed our butts off! Especially when I repeatedly imitated the face she’d been making! We still laugh about that to this day, and she STILL has trouble hiding her expressions! Yep. It’s a rule now that we no longer sit across from each other in a classroom setting!

Everywhere we go, people breathe in the exquisite fragrance. Because of Christ, we give off a sweet scent rising to God, which is recognized by those on the way of salvation—an aroma redolent with life. Corinthians 2:15

Christians should brush their teeth, so as not to mask the sweet fragrance God gives us! I’m just sayin!

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