It’s A Bird! It’s God’s Creation! Nah, THAT Was A Fart!

As I sit here, with my door open, listening to the birds chirping, I’m reminded of how the bible tells us that God takes care of them. The birds don’t worry about what they’ll wear or what they’ll eat. And if God loves them, and takes care of them, how much more does He love us! Ah! What a wonderful way to start my morning, basking in the pretense of God’s peace. I should’ve known that wouldn’t last long. Ugh!

The next thing I know, the reality of my world sets in! Close quarter living! The dog starts jumping at the cat. The dog gets no reaction, so the whining starts. I hear a huge fart to my left, then another fart down the hall to the right, then, if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’, the dang dog farts! So much for birds chirping! I’m pretty sure one of them farted as they’ve all flew far, far away! Heck, I want to fly far away! But just as I’m about to pray for God to whisk me out of here, that’s when He reminds me of how incredibly blessed I am!

God’s blessed my family with SO much! Yeah, I guess some might say we go about things in weird ways. I mean, we bought an old, run down house and moved into a camper! Then we bought a store that needed quite a bit of work which, by the way, HAD to be finished quickly, which put our house on hold. And yes, we tend to do things slowly sometimes, but guess what! All this will have been worth the sacrifice when all is said and done! All the close quarter farts, all the fighting over the bathroom, the lack of privacy, and all the other annoying, redneck things that come with camper life; because our family will have grown closer, we’ll appreciate what we have, and we won’t be in debt up to our eyeballs! Sounds like a plan to me! Ah….I think I hear the birds again! Nah, just a squeaky fart from down the hall. Thank you Lord for family, and working intestines! And thank You for reminding me of what’s important!

Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” Hebrews 13:5

And don’t forget to do good and to share what you have with others, because sacrifices like these are very pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16

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