Working Can Weight…Er, I Mean Wait!

Have you ever thought God was asking you to do something, but you needed confirmation to proceed? I know I sure have! For instance, one time, I was praying about losing weight. I was pretty sure God was saying “You really should lose some weight!”, but I wanted it to be confirmed before I set out on such an endeavor. I mean, laying off sweets, and carbs, fried foods, and the like, is not something I want to do unless I hear it straight from God! I began to pray. I didn’t feel like I was hearing anything!!

It was starting to get warm so I dug out my summer clothes. Much to my surprise, they were just a tad snug. I wondered if that was my conformation? Then I realized, something must be seriously wrong with my dryer! Obviously it was shrinking my clothes! Whew! For a minute, I thought I was going to have to do something difficult! Still, I prayed for confirmation.

I decided I’d slip on my tennis shoes, and go for a walk to clear my head. When I bent down to tie my shoes, there was something in my way, that was making it hard to breathe! Panic set in. “This is WAY more than monthly bloating! I must have a tumor the size of a basketball! Surely death is imminent!” Then it hit me! Not only did God want me to get new clothes! He also wanted me to have new shoes! Slip-ons! God doesn’t want His child unnecessarily bending over! He’s trying to keep my back healthy! God is so good! But I swear! Sometimes He doesn’t get in any kind of hurry to answer our prayers! The weight issue was beginning to weigh heavily on me, so to speak.

What did God want me to do?! Why wouldn’t He answer me?! Maybe if I asked Him for a specific sign! You know, like Gideon did! *Judges 6*Thats it! That’s what I’ll do! I’ll put a fleece blanket on the ground and say to God, “If You want me to lose weight, let the ground be dry and the blanket be wet with dew!”, but the dogs chewed up the blanket! I swear! I can’t have nothin’ nice! (Yes, I’m fully aware I used double negatives! My Southern slipped out!)

As I sat there wondering why God seemed to be so distant, I realized that He’d been there all along, and that I already had my answer! There I sat donning my nice, (bigger), new clothes, and sporting my new slip on shoes. Silly me! God is SO good! I knew He would never ask me to do something difficult! He just wanted to bless me with new things!

Ok. That’s bull crap! Well, some of it. God does indeed want to bless us with good things! However, many times He will ask us to do difficult things! Not because He wants our lives to be harder than they have to be, but so that we can glorify Him!!

The story of Gideon is a perfect example. He was the smallest person, from the smallest, weakest clan, yet God called him to be a mighty warrior! And he’s not the only one. The bible is full of stories about God using people who thought they couldn’t handle the task at hand; and the thing is, they couldn’t! With Christ, however, ALL things are possible! *Matthew 19:26* And when things seem impossible to do on our own? His strength is made perfect in our weakness! *2 Corinthians 12:9*

Let’s not be people who look for the easy way out! Let’s be fully dependant on Christ, so that we can accomplish big things for His kingdom!! Let’s not be scared! Let’s fully rely on God and give Him all the glory!

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