Don’t Worry! You’re NOT Bi-Polar! Well, Some Of You Aren’t.

Today, I just want to say that God is SO good!! In the midst of the hardest times, when things in our life seem as if they just can’t get any worse, God never forsakes us! EVER!

This week, I’ve been blown away by the way God has moved. He’s put just the right people in my path to say just the right things, at just the right times. I’ve gotten sweet emails to remind me that my family is being prayed for. Text and Facebook messages assuring me that they’ll be joining me in fasting and praying for our families, not just ours, but families in general!. Phone calls from people who love me, and encourage me with God’s word. Friends who love me enough to call me out when my thinking goes off track. Friends who listen. Friends who take time out of their very busy schedules to do things we can’t. Family who talks to our son when God’s told us to back away. People who barely know me, or my family, who’ve went out of their way to help, whom I now call “friend”. I’m telling you, God is SO good!!!

We can have the worst day, week, even year or years of our lives, yet still have joy! That’s only because of Jesus Christ and His love and mercy! We can go through bad times and know that He’ll never forsake us. He tells us, in His word, “Don’t fear, because I am with you; don’t be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will surely help you; I will hold you with my righteous strong hand.” Isaiah 41:10 And we can hold tightly and rest assured that what He says is true!

If you’re going through a bad time, hang on! This too shall pass! If you are curled up in fetal position crying one minute, and able to rejoice the next; you’re not bi-polar (well, the majority of you aren’t)!!! You’re simply a human, with emotions, who’s filled with the joy of The Lord! And remember, after the storm, there’s always sunshine!

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