I Can’t Find My Train (of thought) Anywhere!

Ugh! This morning my mind is totally all over the place! I’m sitting here trying my best to think of something, anything, to write, and it seems impossible! It’s quiet, I home alone, yet still I can’t hold a train of thought to save my life! What the heck?! Oh look! My cat, Barbara’s, trying to catch a fly! See!!! I’m so easily distracted.

Distraction is on of the most common ways the devil gets us! I really wish I’d never started back biting my nails. It’s a habit that drives me crazy, yet I continue. It’s so hard to type with your fingers in your mouth.

Anyway, the devil will try to distract us with so many things. Work, hobbies, people, our spouses, our children (our children are a really easy target, especially for women! We often put our children before anything! Women, we’re not even supposed to put our children above our husbands, let alone our Heavenly Father!), he’ll even distract us with church! Speaking of church last night I went in with our jail ministry, Breakout! I went on the wrong night, but I went nonetheless.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. The devil can use anything to keep us from having an actual relationship with God. He doesn’t care if you’re at church every time the doors are open, if he can keep you so busy serving, that you don’t spend quality, quiet time with Jesus! He doesn’t care how many praise and worship songs you belt out, as long as that’s the only worship in which you’re participating. Speaking of songs. Have I mentioned that I’m recording 7 original songs?!? I mean like, professionally recording! Like, with real musicians! Not just me plunking around on my guitar!! Not that I’m excited, or would repeat myself, but I’m SUPER excited! To God be the glory I assure you!

So, yeah, the devil doesn’t care how much good we do, as long as we’re distracted just enough to keep us from having that sweet, intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior.

There’s so much going on in this world, like…did y’all hear about the man who went in for a circumcision and woke up with no private part?!? That’s enough to ruin your week for sure!

But yeah, there’s a lot of bad things going on, and we really can’t afford to be distracted! We have got to start being aware of things that are keeping us from doing what God asks us to do. Shoot! We’ve got to get rid of distractions so we can actually hear what God is telling us to do!

Let’s start asking God to remove, from our lives, anything and everything that keeps us from doing what He created us to do. Let’s as Him to take those things that keep us from being closer to Him!

I am not trying to give you more rules and regulations. I only want to give you advice that is fitting and helpful. I want to help you live lives of faithful devotion to the Lord without any distraction. 1 Corinthians 7:35

For those of you who might go read all of 1 Corinthians chapter 7, or those who may already know that this verse is pertaining to marriage; don’t even think about going home and telling your spouse you want a divorce because they’re distracting you from God!!! That’s not one of the biblical reasons for divorce! Sorry! 🙂

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