And Live! From The County Jail! Don’t Worry, “It Ain’t Dirty!”

For the sake of certain people’s privacy, names will not be used in this blog. Plus, I told the lady I was going to write a blog about her, and she was completely good with the idea. I’ll be sending her a copy! No confidences broken!

Most of you know that I’m involved in the jail ministry at my church. I have to say that I dearly love those ladies! Are they criminals? Yep, most of them. However, most have been beaten down by the circumstances, of their lives, and have turned to drugs to self medicate. And none of them, not one, are too far gone for God to heal and restore! As much as my heart goes out to them, the fact is, every once in a while, we run up on a doozy! I mean, one that could easily be a Jerry Springer episode in, and of herself! Last night was one of those nights!

Where do I start? First off, the amount of talking was downright hilarious! The lady was never at a loss for words! A lot of them didn’t exactly connect with each other; but there were lots of them nonetheless. I jokingly (mistakenly) asked someone if they had a joke to tell. I wasn’t speaking to her, mind you, but that didn’t stop her from telling a joke! NOO! And not just any joke, one she started by saying, as she proceeded to stand in the middle of the room, “I’m trying to see how I can word this different, since we’ve ‘changed.‘” She must’ve gotten a look from some of the more milder ones in our group, because she followed that up with, “Oh, it ain’t dirty!” The joke then proceeded with breast grabbing, crotch grabbing, and some gesture toward her butt, in which I wasn’t privy to seeing. Needless to say, there was laughter and some head shaking. If that’s not funny enough, there’s more!

During discussion, which she loved! She said shed been in an abusive marriage for 23 years, but that now he’d gone through rehab and had Jesus again. Bless her heart, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back or not. Besides, he needed to take care of his seven children. She closed out her discussion with, “He had seven children with four different women, yet he chose ME! I thought I was the one!” as she rolled her eyes. “I was the one” she sad. “The stupid one!” Ok. I’m not sure if this is as funny to y’all as it was for the ones of us who were actually there, but that stuff right there was FUNNY! Keep in mind, this poor woman isn’t a spring chicken! That makes it even funnier. At least to me it does! But then again, I have a twisted sense of humor.

I know I painted a funny picture of her, but she really is a sweet lady; one who is obviously harboring some deep hurts. You could tell she genuinely cared about others and that she wanted her life to be normal. The sad thing is, I’m just not sure that, after all she’s been through, (and God only knows just how bad it’s been!) she even has a clue what a normal life looks like.

She said that God had put her in jail to save her life. I wanted to tell her that God, most certainly did not put her in jail. Her poor choices are what landed her behind bars. However, I know that God will use the time she’s in there to change her life! All she has to do is listen and obey. And that goes for every one of us!

A person doesn’t have to be in jail to be locked up. We can be locked in a cell of sin in our minds! We can lock ourselves in a cell of guilt and shame. We can lock ourselves in a cell of addiction. We can appear to be as free as everyone else, yet we can be even more bound than those who are literally behind bars. But we don’t have to be!!

We can all be free from the bondage of sin through Jesus Christ! He’s won the battle for us! We only need to stand in confidence, and in victory, knowing that no matter how things may seem, He is in control and we only need to trust Him! Our “this” will soon pass!

“You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.” 2 Chronicles 20:17

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