Smile! You Could Be On Someone’s “Not So” Candid Camera!

I have a friend who discretely takes pictures of things. I mean, he can be standing right in front of, or right beside a weird looking person, take a picture and them never know it. I don’t know how he does it! I think it’s hilarious that he does that, except for when I’m his victim! Then, I don’t find him very humorous. I , personally, couldn’t do that to save my life! I’d get caught sure as the world! Then the person, I thought looked so weird, would become the person who, not only looked weird, but who was smashing my phone, or beating me to a bloody pulp.

Even though I may not be able to discretely take pictures of things on my phone, I sure can take mental pictures of things! I do it all the time! I take a snapshot of something someone said or did to me, and I neatly file it away, so that I can look at it over and over again, and repeatedly, mentally rip that person a new one.

Oh, I’ll forgive them! That’s my christian duty! Duh?! But, I’m keeping that “file” handy just in case! They might do something else that ticks me off, and I might need that for ammunition! But is that true forgiveness? Have we really forgiven a person if we keep revisiting the offense?

I think, if we keep going over, and over something, and every time, we’re boiling over it; then maybe we haven’t really forgiven them. Maybe, when we’re trying to forgive someone, it’s a process, and over time that anger and resentment will fade. I’m just not sure, that in all cases, we can instantly forgive. At least it seems that way for me.

Is it ok to remember the offense, so that we know what our boundaries are with that person? I believe so. Besides, we’re human, and I’m not sure forgetting is an option. Is it ok to be angry when someone hurts us? I believe it is. It’s how we deal with the anger, and how long we hold on to it that matters. We’re only hurting ourselves when we hang on to anger.

I don’t know about you, but there’s some “snapshots” I need to clean off my camera roll! However, I’d really like to see the arsenal of evidence on my friend’s phone, and if there’s any pictures of me on there; delete them!!

Banish bitterness, rage and anger, shouting and slander, and any and all malicious thoughtsโ€”these are poison. Instead, be kind and compassionate. Graciously forgive one another just as God has forgiven you through Jesus, our Liberating King. Ephesians 4:31-32

6 thoughts on “Smile! You Could Be On Someone’s “Not So” Candid Camera!”

  1. Forgive? Always! Not so fast to forget! Steve leaves the stove on and you get burned. You will forgive him but you’ll always know not to touch the stove eye or it will burn you. Dog bites you once, it’s his fault. Bites you again, it’s your fault. Get my drift?


  2. Lovely words. I have developed a glorious mistrust of phone cameras pointed at me.
    My horrid memory often serves me well in the forgiveness department, I many times forget who it is I’m supposed to dislike ๐Ÿ˜‰
    AnnMarie ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I do the same thing sometimes Ann! I guess that’s one glorious thing about getting older ๐Ÿ™‚ The other day I got mad at my husband. The next day, around lunch, I remembered I was supposed to be mad at him. Then I was mad at myself for being so nice to him :-). And I know what you mean about phone cameras! I was sitting in the airport the other day and found myself paranoid if I happened to see a camera pointed my way!

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