Special Notes 🎶 Are The Most Special!

The other day I was asked to come play my guitar and sing for the middle school special needs class. I have to be honest with you, I wasn’t in the mood to go play for a handful of kids who may, or may not, appreciate my music. The truth is, I’d forgotten that I was even supposed to go until that morning. I started trying to practice but was not doing very well. I finally just said, “Ok God, I’m done!” He knew, better than anyone, that I wasn’t in the mood for this!

When I got there, I chitchatted with my friend Tina for a few minutes, then made my way over to the kids. I played the first song, and when I finished they were smiling and clapping. I guess they did get my music after all! So I played another one. Then I let each of the kids play the guitar. They loved it! They were smiling so big! I played a couple more songs then I was finished. The smile on their faces was better than any thing I could’ve ever received.

The truth is, I really sucked! I was pitchy, I hadn’t played my guitar in a while, so I was rusty, but none of that really mattered. It wasn’t about my music at all! It was about sharing a little piece of Jesus with some sweet kids. It was about how God takes what we do, even when we suck, and turns it into something beautiful. It was about how music simply makes people feel better. Especially when it’s about Jesus!

Nothing we do is ever about being perfect. Nothing we do is ever about being better than anyone. Anything we do is about doing it with the right heart which is, having the desire to please God. Fortunately for me, even though I didn’t have the best attitude, God did what He does anyway!

Before I left, each of the kids walked over to me with handwritten thank you notes.

IMG_0738.JPG That, my friends, made my day!

The next time I’m asked to do something of that nature, I hope That I’m more worried about glorifying The Lord than whether or not someone will appreciate my music. I hope that I’m more concerned about sharing life with people than getting pats on the back. I hope that I never forget that it’s NOT MY music, it’s God’s! I hope that, no matter what anyone does for me, no matter how small or how big, that I’m as appreciative as my sweet, special friends!

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