Vitriolic Or Victorious? You Decide!

Have you ever started something, then thought it would never end? At first it was fun and exciting, then after about a month, or twenty three, it wasn’t that much fun? I know I have! Actually, Steve and I both have! And no, I’m not referring to our marriage!

First, we bought this old house. We’ve been pecking away at it for two years. Now, we’ve bought this new (old) store that has to be finished, so the house is on hold. Our business is doing well, which is great! It just leaves Steve very little time to do our stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! Heck no! This is called venting. If I were complaining it would sound much more vitriolic. For my Alabama readers, that’s just a fancy word for bitter.

Then there’s this recording stuff I’m doing. How exciting is that?! Ok. Yeah, it was way more exciting in my head! It’s more like work! Work that was also supposed to be finished by now! When I went to finish up, I was on a roll! I mean, I was doing so much better than the first day, that I went back and redone all the ones I’d done in the first session! That’s when a storm came through, and the power went out for an hour! By the time the power was restored, I’d lost my mojo. So now, I have to go back yet again! Again, I’m not complaining. I’m venting. Complaining would sound much more vitriolic. (I just really want to use the word vitriolic! It sounds cool!)

Here’s the thing, all these things we have going on; all the, seemingly, never ending things? They’re things God lead us to do! He told us not to get in debt up to our eyeballs, so we bought a “fixer-upper” home. He told Steve to open a store, so we did! Then we were put in position to where we had to buy, and God opened the door for yet another great deal! Aka, it needs a lot of TLC. Recording my songs? Yep, I’m doing what God told me to do! How will anyone ever hear them if I don’t put them out there? I realize it’s a big world out there. I realize there are a gazillion songwriters hoping to catch a break. I realize that I could be dead and gone before anyone decided to sing one of my songs. And here’s the deal. That’s fine! In fact, it’s fine if none of them ever “make it”! Why is that? Because I know that the people who do hear them will be ministered to because God said they would! It has nothing to do with me or my abilities. It’s the fact that God gave me those words and told me to sing them!

God never said that all He’d ask us to do would be fun, quick, painless, and easy things! He just promises us that if He asks us to do it, He’ll get us through it! Doing what God asks of us isn’t always easiest, it’s just always the best! You can either be vitriolic or victorious, you decide!

Just FYI, we’re making great progress on the store! When it’s finished, we plan to knock this house out! Then, I guess we’ll rest awhile! We’re slow, but we’re sure! Not to mention, I’m the most patient, less vitriolic wife in the whole, wide world! I’m just sayin’.

6 So be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead, even though the going is rough for a while down here.
These trials are only to test your faith, to see whether or not it is strong and pure. 1 Peter 1:6-7

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