Creativity At It’s Creepiest! EEEW!

Well, I overslept this morning! BAD! I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it though. Sometimes it’s just feels good to sleep past 5:30am! From the minute I opened my eyes, just about all I’ve thought about is how creative our God is! He’s given me beautiful things in dreams. He’s put tunes in my […]

We’re Not Worthy! We’re Not Worthy

It’s weird. Normally, after I speak somewhere, I’m as giddy as Wayne and Garth (*Wayne’s World), after meeting one of their idols. However, God’s given me the opportunity to speak twice this weekend and somehow I still feel inadequate. Could it be because I am?! I’m an actress. When I speak in front of a […]

God’s Neighbor’s Kid

God is, in the words of my friend Tina, SO CUTE! Last night, for the first time since the assault, I heard Tucker’s laugh! His REAL laugh! It was the sweetest thing! I’m telling you, it’s almost like watching your baby take it’s first steps, only better! It’s better because having a 2year old toddler […]

The Journey Of A Lifetime!

I have to be honest this morning. I don’t really feel like writing. For me, yesterday was bad, I got so sad thinking about how we had the real Tucker with us for a couple weeks, how much of a joy it was, and how bright his, and our, futures seemed. Finally, it seemed as […]

Standing On His Promises

Here’s what I know. If God makes a promise, it’s a promise that can not be broken! I have to admit, that when the doctor first came to us in the ER and talked with us about Tucker’s condition, I fell apart. Honestly, it didn’t look good. When I went outside to make phone calls […]