Spiritual Gonads. Everybody’s Got ‘Em! And Nobody Wants Kicked In ‘Em!

Last week Olivia (our exchange daughter) and I went into a store. The guy working in there knows me, and immediately starts asking about Olivia. “Who’s this?” “Is this your…daughter?” I said “Well, she’s like my daughter, I’ll claim her as my daughter.” “So”, he continues, “Do y’all work together or what?” “No, she lives with us.” Now, keep in mind, she doesn’t even look her age, which is only 20, and this dude is over 40! He proceeds to look her up and down as if he’s alone looking at a Penthouse Magazine centerfold. Talk about uncomfortable, not to mention TICKED!

I wanted to say something, but there were other people with children around. Plus, owning my own business, I wouldn’t want junk like that going on in my store. Plus, I was a bit taken aback at the blatant creepiness, and maybe (admittedly) a little scared to say anything. Why, I don’t know!? Anyway, we left and the further away we got, the madder I got. By the time I’d gotten back to my office, my spiritual gonads had, clearly, dropped! I picked up that phone, called down there, asked to speak to him, and told him who I was. He seemed happy to hear from me…for a split second. That is until I, without skipping a beat or mincing words, told him exactly what I thought. I wasn’t rude or mean, just very clear.

I told him that I liked him, but that if I come back in there with my daughter, and he looks at her like that again, that I would walk around the counter and kick him right in the……well, you know, that place where men hate to get kicked? Admittedly, I wasn’t that ladylike. Calm and sweet. Just not ladylike. He told me he was sorry, that he didn’t realize he’d done that. Yeah. Ok?! He said he didn’t realize that was my daughter, which I then reminded him of our conversation and told him that it really didn’t matter who she was! She was young, and he was way too old to be acting in such a manner. I let him know that when I come back in there, and she is with me, he’d better not even look at her! I let him know that that was unacceptable, and that it wouldn’t be tolerated, at least not by me! He said he appreciated me calling. I bet he did…not! I told him that we were “cool” and that I’d see him later!

When I hung up that phone, I don’t think I’d ever felt better! I decided then that I’d no longer sit by and allow people to
blatantly do wrong to me or mine. Especially mentally undressing a young woman (or ANY age woman for that matter) right in front of me!! Nope. That ain’t happenin’! Look, I understand that men are visual creatures, and that when they see a pretty woman, they notice. However, if a man can’t control himself any better than that? He has a problem, and needs serious help! There’s a huge difference in noticing a pretty woman and gawking, and looking her up and down! And there better not be anyone who tries to say that “girls shouldn’t be wearing this or that and guys wouldn’t be looking”. I totally agree that women, and girls of all ages, should dress modestly, and not purposefully draw attention to their bodies, however, no matter what someone is wearing a grown man has the ability to avert his eyes!!!! PERIOD.

I’m excited to have this new found freedom! I’m excited to claim the pboldness Christ has given me, and all Christians for that matter! We really should be using it, and standing up against the evil in this world. We’ve been timid for too long! Meek doesn’t mean weak! And we don’t have to be mean. We only need to speak up!

This is why I write to remind you to stir up the gift of God that was conveyed to you when I laid my hands upon you. You see, God did not give us a cowardly spirit but a powerful, loving, and disciplined spirit.
God’s gift of faith is like a flame, and when the embers of the fire have cooled you must fan them again and keep them ablaze. So don’t be embarrassed to testify about our Lord, 2 Timothy 1: 6-8

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