Help! My @&#! Phone Needs An Exorcism!

Ok. Ever since I let Steve replace the busted screen on my phone, it’s been going nuts! I mean, totally freaking out like it’s possessed or something! It will randomly call or text people; some of which I never speak to! The other night it was going crazy and sent a text to a guy that said ” You can always send pics.” OMG! Are you kidding me?! The next morning he texted back and ask me what I was talking about. I assured him that I didn’t really send that text, and told him that my phone was possessed. He said, “Dang! Are you trying to get me killed!” I guess a text like that would raise suspicions with one’s spouse or significant other. Stupid phone!

I do everything on my phone, so writing yesterday’s blog resulted in some not so nice words, and me wanting to throw my phone through the wall! Not to mention, I wanted to do physical harm to Steve for messing up my beloved phone. Although, clearly it was my fault for being a cheapskate and not wanting to pay to have my phone fixed. No wait! It’s actually our friend Dominic’s fault, because he told me he’d fixed his cracked screen, and that it would be easy for Steve to do. (I knew I’d find a way to get the blame off ME!) Either way, none of the feelings I was experiencing, are ever good when you’re trying to do The Lord’s work! It is, however, par for the course. Anytime we try to do anything for God we should expect opposition. The thing is, we should press on through to accomplish the task God’s given us, and we should do so without cussing, doing physical harm to someone, and/or throwing things.

Today, at the moment, my phone is behaving, BUT, should any of you get a weird text or call from me, just know that my phone is possessed! Have a great weekend!

Proverbs 19:11
Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.

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