Just Another Brick In The Wall

Most of you know the struggles we’ve had with our FMoG, Tucker. When it comes to addictions, there are many ups and downs. Often times it feels like things will never get better; or that they certainly won’t stay better! Any of you who loves an addict knows that, as much as you love them, you can get just as mad at them, and very often do! For one thing we (who are not addicts) don’t understand the struggle so, when a bad choice is made, you just want to punch them, and make them see what they’re doing to themselves and to others! However, I know it doesn’t work that way.

There’s been lots of times that we’ve worried about something bad happening to Tucker due to drugs, I guess you sort of, maybe expect those things. But when something horrible happens and it has NOTHING to do with drugs, I think it’s even worse! He had been doing so good and had even asked to go to rehab, because he wanted to get his life together! He was supposed to leave Wednesday, then our world was turned upside down.

It’s one thing for me to be mad at Tuck, but when someone else is mad at him, and does something to my baby! That, my friends, is a whole different level of mad!

When someone knocks your son out, and either kicks him in the head, or he hits his head on the way down, and it results in several skull fractures, three brain bleeds, being put on a ventilator, cutting into his skull to remove the blood clot that was pressing on his brain, and now, because of his brain injuries, he still has no idea what happened to him, where he is, his name or who we are, it doesn’t make for a very pleasant situation. That, my friends, is our world at the moment. And that, my friends, is why I MUST forgive!

Yes, we’re hurt and angry, and we have every right to be. When someone purposefully hurts another person, anger is justified. Sin is not. Yes, I’m positive that initially, I sinned in my anger, and honestly, I haven’t had all that much time to pray. However, I can (and so can the rest of my family) feel all the prayers from all those who are praying!

Please continue to pray for all of us! For clarity of mind, and complete healing for Tucker. For strength and endurance for us. Also, please say a prayer for the person who did this. Pray that justice is served; not to pay back, but so that God can work in his life, and that lives will also be changed by the words of his testimony!

I’ve not been able to post a blog the last couple days. Since writing this, Tucker is off the ventilator, they’ve removed the drain, and the bandages. We are out of ICU and in a step down room. He still doesn’t know where he is, or why he’s here. He can’t even tell you his whole name or what city he’s in, and he sure as heck ain’t nice! Which apparently is common with head trauma patients. However, he just cussed me out and called me Momma! It’s kinda funny when the cussing is SO bad but, you just overlook that simply because he knew who you were!!

I know what God has promised me about our boy, so I KNOW he’ll be just fine! This is just another part of the testimony he and God are working on! Thanks for all the prayers and support! God has truly blessed us! This is just another brick in the wall!

We will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies! Revelation 12:11



4 thoughts on “Just Another Brick In The Wall”

  1. Definitely praying for you guys! Lord please comfort this whole family! I know justice will be served because He is a faithful and just God..but as you said Christa, I pray a testimony comes from the young man that did this.. I also pray for Tucker to receive wisdom and discernment from this. I love y’all!


  2. Christa, your whole family is an inspiration to me. And gives me hope for my own crazy messed up life. Thank you. I know that God has got this whole situation already worked out and that many many people are praying for Tucker, You and Steve. As well as for the man that did this. Continue to stay strong in God and PLEASE PLEASE if you need any more help call me or text me ..I would feel honored and very privileged to come sit with Tucker and read to him out of The Word and pray over him when ever you or Steve need a break from the hospital. May you and your whole family find peace and rest in Christ Jesus’s Holy and Loving arms.


  3. Oh dear God in Heaven I pray for Tucker and his recovery. I pray This is the beginning of an even better life. I god surrounds Christa and Steve during this time of heartache. God please help them all heal in your name. Amen


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