God’s Neighbor’s Kid

God is, in the words of my friend Tina, SO CUTE! Last night, for the first time since the assault, I heard Tucker’s laugh! His REAL laugh! It was the sweetest thing! I’m telling you, it’s almost like watching your baby take it’s first steps, only better! It’s better because having a 2year old toddler is way easier to deal with than a 23 year old toddler.:-)

Watching our son go through this has made me so aware of how faithful God is, and how the power of prayer truly does change things! It’s not like I didn’t know those things, but a lot of times I would think (and I’m ashamed to admit) that the good things of God were for others, but not me. As if, instead of being the daughter of The King, I were God’s neighbor’s kid, who comes over uninvited, tears up His kid’s toys, and gets on His nerves. You know, every neighborhood has that kid. The one you dread seeing at your door. Yep, that is what I’ve felt like numerous times throughout my life.

For those of you who may actually be that kid, guess what? You might get on everyone else’s nerves, but you’ll never get on God’s nerves! EVER! fortunately for us, He doesn’t think, or feel about people the way we do. He created you, and He knew everything about you before you ever took your first breath. You wouldn’t even be here if God didn’t have a specific plan for your life!

There are people, I’ve encountered, who I feel must be that kid to God. I’ve often thought (about certain people) that surely they even get on God’s nerves! Truth is, if anything gets on His nerves, it’s me thinking bad about one of His children! Even when I’m thinking it about the person who did this to Tuck. No matter what a lowlife, cowardly, unremorseful, “silly head” (that’s what Steve and I call each other when we really want to say something ugly) I think he is, God sees the good in him; and hopefully, one day, I will too! Not because I’m holier than thou, but because God has truly done a work in him. I, personally think jail is a great place for him to get to know Jesus! I’m just sayin’.

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, John 1:12

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