Strong Faith. Weak Flesh!

So, this morning is a much more peaceful morning. With the exception of when I turned the lights on, Tucker seems to be resting peacefully! This is HUGE! I want y’all to know how much we ALL appreciate all the prayers, visits, the use of your facilities, messages, calls, cards, food, gifts, and sweet comments. […]

The (Temporary) New Normal

This is going to be a difficult blog to write because I’m typing with my left hand. Why am I typing with my left hand? Because my 23 year old man-son is very anxious, and in horrible pain, and asked me to sit by him and rub his head. Is that normal behavior for our […]

Just Another Brick In The Wall

Most of you know the struggles we’ve had with our FMoG, Tucker. When it comes to addictions, there are many ups and downs. Often times it feels like things will never get better; or that they certainly won’t stay better! Any of you who loves an addict knows that, as much as you love them, […]

I Don’t Do Ice Buckets. Don’t Judge.

I have been “challenged”, about four or five times on Facebook, to do one thing or another; the ice bucket challenge for charity and the five days of gratitude. I must admit, I ignored the ice bucket challenges. Don’t judge! For one thing, I don’t even like the shower to spray in my face! For […]