That’s MY Son! The Miracle Pirate!

Yesterday was a great day, despite having to be at Tucker’s first doctor’s appointment by 8am! Dr. Novack, the neuro psychologist, said that Tucker is a miracle! I’ve, personally, known that from day one of his existence, and I’m no doctor. 🙂 I’m just sayin’. He also told him that when he meets Dr. Okor, the surgeon who removed the blood clot, he’d better shake his hand because he saved his life! He said that the kind of blood clot Tuck had tended to grow rapidly and it would’ve, without a doubt, killed him had it not been removed. The progress he’s made, considering the severity of his injuries, in such a short time since the assault is amazing! I know it’s because of all the prayers going up for him! Prayer works and that’s all there is to it! The only bad news we got yesterday was that he might not regain the hearing in his right ear, because of the temporal fracture. If that’s all he’s left with after this then PRAISE THE LORD!!

I read this on a friends Facebook page this morning. “The prayer of a human being can alter history by releasing legions of angels into the earth. If we really grasped this truth, we would pray with intensity, and we would pray constantly.” *John Dawson, Taking Our Cities for God* Naturally, after reading that little nugget of truth I felt guilty as all get out, that I was on Facebook instead of my knees praying circles around my family!

Ah Facebook. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Facebook, the ultimate time siphon. The venue where, in one sitting, I can feel convicted, then chuckle at something terribly inappropriate. The place where, in one fell swoop, I can pray for a friend, and read gossip about another. The place where a person can get mad at another person and unfriend them in the blink of an eye. When I was a teenager, we didn’t just unfriend someone! We wrote (with a pen or pencil) something about them in a “slam book”, or we had words at break, at a party, or on the phone. A phone with a cord, on which we actually talked not just texted. Friends just weren’t that easily gotten rid of back in my day! Our relationships were real! If people my age got mad enough to unfriend a person they went to school with, then we’re still mad at them today! Things were taken seriously! Surely I jest! About some things anyway.

Well, alrighty then! I feel as if that was a rabbit well chased :-). I’ve checked Facebook, I’ve taken my adderal, and I’m back on track! Back to my sweet, little, miracle baby! You know, the one with a full beard, man hands, and all the tattoos? The one who, this past Sunday, lovingly entertained small children, who thought he was a real pirate.

IMG_0937.JPGThe one who, since he’s unable to work, washes his best friend’s clothes, and has them food fixed when they get home from work. (Yes, I know I’m bragging, but y’all know I take every opportunity as the arise, to do so; being that those opportunities have been few and far between in the past few years!) The one who tells the neuro psychologist everything he’s ever done, causing this mom to wonder what that man must be thinking of our family. Lord help us! Then I realized just how much God is using this situation!

I’m believing that, while God has Tucker still, (and his brain is a little mushy and pliable :-)) He’s going to use this time, not only change his mind, but to also change his heart! I know, that through all this, He’s certainly working on mine! Lord, help me to not worry what anyone thinks. Help me only to trust in You!

The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that. Proverbs 25:29

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