Magic Mike Ain’t Got Nothin’ On God OR Steve!

For the the first time in over twelve years, we had cable tv installed. We got the most basic package available, and with it comes movie channels! As I was flipping through channels the other night, I stumbled upon the movie Magic Mike. I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I didn’t watch just a smidgen. Don’t judge! I only watched one teensy, little, (smoking hot), Channing Tatum number then the Holy Spirit forced me to change the channel. Ok, ok! So He told me to change the channel the minute I read the title! So sue me!

Some of you may think watching Magic Mike is no big deal, but I beg to differ. I won’t get into all the how’s and whys of what’s wrong with watching movies of that nature. I don’t have to! Even the most nonreligious person, on the face of the earth, knows that watching someone do “dirty things” is wrong! And let me tell you, Magic Mike is D-I-R-T-Y! *ahem*😳 You can never unsee something once it’s been seen!

I was beginning to wonder if God wasn’t wanting me to watch the movie, in the event I might, possibly meet up with a stripper to whom I would need to be an effective witness! Hey, anything’s possible! I say that because, for three nights in a row, Magic Mike was on! I thought to myself “surely this is a sign!” But alas, not once would the Holy Spirit allow me to watch such a movie. *sigh*

Last night, as I watched Steve installing my dishwasher, I thought about how I’ve always loved to watch him work. I’ve always found him even more attractive than normal when he’s working hard. I made a couple remarks about how I loved watching him work and I told him that Magic Mike had nothing on him! I’d give anything if I’d had a video of what happened next! Let me just say that if Channing Tatum moved like that? There’d be no Magic Mike! What Steve did looked more like Magic-LESS Mike. I laughed so hard! Again, you can never unsee what’s been seen! Nonetheless, I’d pick Magic Steve over Magic Mike any day!! And I will definitely always choose God over everything else this heart desires!

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

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