Pet Hair And Prayer. I Got You Covered!

Fewer things make me happier than having my whole family home at the same time. I realize, at this age, I should be wanting people to leave home, but I don’t.

If I were to look back, over the last several years, and think about all the times I’d hear sirens, and wonder if they had anything to do with my boy, I’d probably lose my mind. And I promise you, there have been times that I’ve allowed my feelings to take over, and have completely fallen apart. I can honestly say, though, that all this has put me in a place where I’ve had no choice but to trust that God can and will handle things, and He’s given me peace, and joy amid all the turmoil. If you think about it, that’s not altogether, such a bad place to be! I know there are more parents, than I even care to imagine, who can relate. My heart goes out to all of them.

There is one thing that, I know, will make being a parent, in that situation, even worse; and that’s keeping secrets. Not telling anyone, that your kid is in trouble, won’t make it go away. Putting on a smile, when your heart is breaking, doesn’t lessen the pain. Pretending that you have it all together doesn’t keep things from falling apart. Being the best parent you can possibly be, with the skills you’ve been given, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a “good” kid. And for the love of all that is good and holy, stop making excuses for them! That won’t make the situation go away any sooner. Trust me, I’ve bought all those t-shirts, and worn them not so proudly. Yes, I said bought, because I’ve paid the price for doing those very things.

Here’s what you need to remember. Keep reminding your kids (and yourself) that God has BIG plans for them! If God didn’t have something important for them to do, why would the enemy be trying his best to tear them down!? Don’t worry about what you think others may be thinking about your kid and/or your family. Stay focused on the fact that this is a small part of a much bigger picture! Trust God with your children! He loves them more than we ever could!

Any person, who’s been in those shoes, can appreciate the fact that I love having my whole family home, sitting in the living room together, and yes that includes the animals! Even if the reason some of the family might be home is because of brain damage :-). And now that we’re “camping” in a new place, we can even have company! But beware! If you don’t like dogS and cat, we might not be the kind of company you’d want to keep.

IMG_1043.JPG 🙂

Yep, God is at work in my household! He’s working on those of us who (sometimes) think we need it the least, and those who don’t even realize they need Him at all. He’s even working in the lives of those who just pass through our doors. This house is covered in prayer and pet fur so, I reiterate, if you don’t like pets, and/or prayer, you may want to steer clear! Because, if you walk through these doors? You’re going to be covered in hair and prayer! God is good!

We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. He appointed them to be saved in keeping with his purpose. Romans 8:28

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