Family. Can’t Live With ‘Em. Can’t Live Without ‘Em

“.And now, Master God, being the God you are, speaking sure words as you do, and having just said this wonderful thing to me, please, just one more thing: Bless my family; keep your eye on them always. You’ve already as much as said that you would, Master God! Oh, may your blessing be on my family permanently!” 2 Samuel 7:28-29

This was what I read this morning. This is what I’m claiming over my family. ALL OF THEM! Like every family, we have members who are struggling. Right now, in Jesus’ name, I’m believing that every person in our family be made whole, that relationships be restored, that chains be broken, and burdens be lifted. I’m so thankful that the God I serve is willing and able to do more than we could ever imagine!

The past few days I’ve really been struggling. I really don’t like struggling. Struggling wears me out, and makes me eat too much, and my face breakout. The thing is, my struggling is all done in vain. God’s got this! When things get to be too much, God always intervenes!

When my sister saw that I was having a hard time, she rallied in the troops! Not long after she left my house, my mom called to check on me, my dad called to check on me, then my sister called back and asked if I needed her to come spend the night. That’s MY family! The next day my mom and sis called and offered to come stay the weekend so that Steve and I could have a break. The next day my dad called to tell me he’d found Tucker a puppy! A beagle. FREE! I feel like Tuck needs something to take care of, and some responsibility right now. See, God is SO good! And so is my family!

There’s a catch to the whole puppy thing. Steve’s saying that we already have 2 dogs and that I’ll have to get rid of one if Tuck gets a puppy. I’ve teared up every time I think about getting rid of one of my dogs. However, if that’s the only way Tuck can get a puppy, I’ll do what I have to do! Y’all just pray that Steve will change his mind! Three is NOT too many!

Y’all continue to pray for us. I’m so thankful for all of you and y’all’s prayers! I would’ve crumbled long ago without them! And because of all the prayers, our son is here and healing great! Also, pray for the others in my family who are struggling, God knows the deal! Love y’all!

Just a couple pics of our most beautiful family members 🙂




2 thoughts on “Family. Can’t Live With ‘Em. Can’t Live Without ‘Em”

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I am praying for complete healing my sweet sister. Love you and keep on keeping on. God is in control and I am sure glad I am not.


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